The hot new song from Pink which is all the rage these days - and one of the top songs on iTunes - has an unusual title that many people haven't noticed. It's called "U + Ur Hand", as in "You and Your Hand".

There's this expectation that any woman in a bar is looking for a man. What she's saying is that she's there for herself, NOT looking for a guy. So leave her alone, it's just "you and your hand tonight"

This just just in! Women are people too, in many aspects not all that different from men. And there are plenty of times when a beautiful woman wants to be with nobody but herself, or maybe her girlfriends. And that's it. She may ACTUALLY have a headache. Or she may ACTUALLY not want a guy chasing her around the bar.

     Pink - U + Ur Hand lyrics

While the words are a bit in your face for some people, the message is quite sound. I happen to really like this song. Not every woman out there is always looking for a man.

Of course Pink is not exactly shy about expressing herself. And per this article on Nerve, Pink recently posed nude for the Bryan Adams Visions of Rock photo exhibit. Yes, Pink is actually nude in this picture, so brace yourself. 

So maybe Pink is speaking up for hundreds of thousands of frustrated women tired of fighting off every guy in the bar when she says "I'm not here for your entertainment! Keep your drink, just give me the money. It's just you and your hand tonight".

Here's Pink, in her own words...

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