"It is easier to complain than it is to do, but it is better to do than it is to complain"

It is so easy to complain, there is, after all so much to complain about… the situation, politics, the environment, the economy…. but actually do something about it. Who? Me? Not likely. Oh no, that is someone else's responsibility and they must do their job.

How often do you complain about something that you don't really care about, that you are not really interested in, but you complain because other people are complaining about it, and you just want to get your bit in.

If you are not prepared to do something about it, or you have nothing positive to say then rather say nothing at all. You might just make the situation worse. And have you ever noticed how those who complain the loudest are also those who do the least.

This reminds me of four people, Someone, Everyone, Anyone and No-one.

There was a job to be done. Anyone could have done it. Everyone said Someone should do it. But, in the end No-one did what Anyone could have done and Everyone should have done.

You know in life "someone else" is spelled "I" Always ask yourself "What is my responsibility in this situation?" "What can I do?"

There are four kinds of people in this world;

There are those who get down and get things done, they make things happen. They are always looking to lend a hand, start a project, chair a committee. The world depends on these people for any development.

There are those who stand around watching what gets done. These people aren't afraid of work at all, they can stand right next to it and not raise a sweat. These people are very good at giving advice but not so good at taking action.

There are those who lie around wondering what's going on. They won't get involved until it's absolutely necessary and then they tend to complain about the inconvenience. These are the kind of people who, when the house is burning down say, "Well I'm OK. My room isn't burning yet."

And then there are those delightful people who constantly complain about what's going on. They can always identify what is going wrong or will go wrong. They have an unerring ability to always highlight the negative. I am sure you have heard of the book "Men are from Mars and woman are from Venus" Well I think that these people are from "Uranus".

The choice is yours, what are you going to do today? Are you going to complain or are you going to do? Are you going to be part of, or the cause of, the problem or are you going to be part of the solution. Whatever you do just remember this "It is easier to complain than it is to do, but it is better to do than it is to complain"

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