Has all the talk about a "down market" scared you away from investing in real estate? If so, I'd urge you to take a look around. Many, many investors are making a fortune in the current market. If you stop hiding and start investing, you can be one of them too.

Here are four strategies that can make you money - a lot of it -in today's flat market:

Down Market Strategy #1: Explore overlooked niches. This is a good time to make money by investing in "fixer-uppers," of course. But it is also a positive climate for investing in small apartment houses, office buildings, undeveloped land and other niche properties. And don't overlook foreclosed properties and other niche properties that could be available right where you live. To learn more, click here.

Down Market Strategy #2: Remember to look at all the numbers. Don't get frozen by a high interest rate, slowing property sales or any other stand-alone number. Instead, analyze all the numbers that pertain to individual properties. Positive cash flow from rents, the availability of owner financing and other factors can make a property highly profitable - even one that other investors don't want. To learn more, click here.

Down Market Strategy #3: Improve what you own. If you invest an extra $10,000 to install granite counter tops in an apartment house you are renovating, you could generate an extra $100,000 in rental income over the next ten years. If you spend $5,000 on touch-up landscaping, you could add $20,000 to the selling price of a house you own. The ability to improve property makes real estate an exceptional investment, even in slow economic times. To learn more, click here.

Down Market Strategy #4: Cash in on regional trends. If you do, you can identify cities and towns that promise far above-average real estate profits today. To learn more, click here. Look for trends like these:

  • Improved train service between a town and a city nearby.
  • Job growth, spurred by the arrival of a major new employer in a state.
  • The discovery of a community by young urban professionals, immigrants from a particular country or members of some other group.
  • Improving schools.

You could argue that investing in real estate today is risky. But I challenge you to name a time when investing in real estate involved no risk. The real question is, do you know enough to minimize those risks and maximize your profits? At Trump University, we bring you the knowledge that assures success.

Michael Sexton is President of Trump University.

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