There is a lot of buzz going round about web 2.0. The big boys of the internet are already on it and we all know it's the next big thing. As a matter of fact small online businesses have already started experimenting on it.

With all the excitement building up to the possibilities of web 2.0, the challenge though lies in this simple but confounding question.

How can small online business web sites utilize content 2.0 to grow and expand their core business without loosing focus or burning their resources?

To allude to that question, here are three guiding principles.

Plan, don't rush:

The internet is an amazing place, just take a quick look at its history and development and you will be surprised by instances in the past that have been full of hype and trends that came and faded away the moment they arrived.

Now here is the paradox, the internet continues to grow at an exponential rate and as such any savvy online business can not afford to be left behind holding onto outdated technologies and expect to compete effectively. At the same time they can not afford to just jump into the band wagon without dire consequences.

Web 2.0 is the next big, that we know for sure. But there is a need to sit down and come up with a realistic plan of how this can be beneficial to your online business. Depending on the theme and nature of your web site, content 2.0 can have a major impact or no effect at all as far as your online business success is concerned.

Content 2.0

By now even the most ardent critics of content based web sites would agree to admit that with the current shape and operation of the search engine dominated web, to breathe life into a web site, it's paramount to include content that has been optimized for the search engines into the layout and design of any online business.

As far as creating quality content based articles is concerned, the major disturbing question and headache has always been: How do small business with limited financial resources manage to create new content on a continues basis considering the time and nature of work involved?

Fortunately for those who lacked the time or cared less to write their own unique articles, the solution has always been to post articles on their web site from article distribution directories. But there has always been a problem to this solution. The same articles ended up being picked by so many other web sites effectively thereafter diluting their effectiveness and uniqueness.

Enter Content 2.0 and again another ingenious solution to this problem has been born. You can now put up a form on your own web site and invite your regular visitors to comment, submit tips or ideas and in the process effectively creating more content on you web site. This is what they call, user generated content.

Be in control:

Nothing can ever get worse than a brilliant idea gone wrong. Web 2.0 has a potential viral marketing effect. One good invitation that is well laid down and managed can bring forth a lot more people willing to contribute and spread the word around and consequently make your site popular.

But that is where the challenge lies, human beings can at times be hard and complicated to understand, people may have other ultra motives besides making contributions. In other words using content 2.0 would require one to manage and regulate the kind of content that the owner would want their site to be associated and identified with.

So keep your invitations to that level that you can be able to manage and control without having to break you back or create counteractive results.


Much is being talked about and the debate and rush has just started but for now hold tight and learn all that you can, when your moment comes, you won't regret it. Your online business might be among those that would have a lot to cash out of the next big thing of the internet. Web 2.0.

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