Frequent Contact with Prospective Seminar Attendees Is a Must If You Want to Fill Seminar Seats. Here’s What to Do When You’re Working with a Limited Budget

By Jenny Hamby, the Seminar Marketing Pro™
Certified Guerrilla Marketer and Direct-Response Copywriter

Many seminar promoters think they can get away with contacting prospective attendees once or twice before their events. Then, if their meager marketing efforts don’t pack the room, they throw up their hands and declare that seminars don’t work.

Remember, though, that your prospects are extremely busy. And you are competing with hundreds – if not thousands – of other marketing messages for your prospects’ attention.
Your prospective seminar attendees need to be exposed to your marketing message a certain number of times before they’ll even notice that you’re trying to communicate with them … and even more times before they’ll respond. Depending on the statistic’s source, you need to contact prospects 7 to 13 times before even thinking about throwing in the towel.

But let’s face it. When you’re working with a limited budget and you are THE marketing department, this may not be feasible.

So put the 80/20 rule to work and focus your efforts where they are most likely to pay off. Who are your best customers and prospects? Who is MOST likely to attend your event?

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Jenny Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who helps speakers, coaches and consultants fill seminar seats and make more money from their own seminars and workshops. Her on- and offline direct marketing campaigns have netted response rates as high as 84 percent -- on budgets as small as $125. For more free seminar marketing secrets, visit