Sleeping is meant for the body and mind to rest. A properly rested body and mind can give you optimum performance for the activities of the following day.

The correct posture while standing is to keep your spine straight as comfortable as you can. Don't overdo it as it will put some stress in your spinal column and skeletal muscles. Your weight should be evenly distributed to your two legs.Your shoulders should be relaxed.

Lying down however does not only involve the relaxation of your muscles. The bed or whatever you are lying on to is a big factor in giving your body the rest it needs when sleeping.

Suppose you are lying on the floor or any hard surface like wood. When you are lying on your back the pressure points are on your buttocks, shoulders, head and your legs. Some parts of your back are subject to minute pressure like the small of your back and neck. Different parts of your back is subject to uneven pressure which means that those receiving less pressure will have the tendency to sag to the floor putting stress to your spine and skeletal muscles.The same is true when you are lying on your side.

A bed with a mattress can correct this situation but not all mattresses can give your body all the comfort it needs for a restful sleep. If the mattress is too soft, it will give way to the weight of your body. Since our weight is not evenly distributed to all parts of our body when lying down, some parts of your body will be lower than the other parts putting strain to your spinal column and skeletal muscles.

On the other hand if the mattress is too firm, it would near make it only a little better than a hard surface.

With the availability of materials and technology, mattress manufacturers have come up with the right mix of firmness and softness.

When choosing a mattress for your bed, choose the one which is firm enough and soft enough to support your weight. For example when your are lying on your back, the mattress should give way to the heavier parts of your body like the hip area.

Another good product to consider are the air mattress beds. They are designed to keep your body with an even pressure on different parts of your body as much as possible. They are inflatable using an electric air pump and the air pressure can be adjusted to your body weight and comfort.

Brands like Comfortaire and AeroBed are good to consider because the make quality air bed mattresses. Comfortaire products are designed for indoor use and as a replacement for your regular bed while AeroBed products are designed for both indoor and outdoor. They employ different technologies but they both give your body a nice comfortable and restful sleep.

A restful sleep is important for our body. Consider choosing a mattress that can give you the proper body support. A truly rested body can mean a productive life the next day.

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