In her report "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing" author Ann Sieg has ruffled more than a few feathers within the MLM business world.

Ann has been bold enough to tell it like it is however, if you're smart enough to read between the lines then she has also given us a clue on how to survive the first few months of a network marketing business.

Lack of cash flow is murdering the chances of most distributors who after the initial sign up fee, autoship payments and the expense of marketing materials find there is not much left in the kitty to continue building their MLM businesses.

The result is usually a swift exit out of the company and it usually occurs within the first 90 days of signing up. What does this achieve?

All it serves to do is waste everyone's time; from the distributor, to their sponsor to the company they joined.

What does Ann tell us in the "7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing?" Well, basically forget everything you've been told about building an MLM business. Everything including everyone's a prospect to anyone can do this to you'll have your business built for you.

The message being conveyed is building a system within a system; forgetting the old style tactics of applying the 3 foot rule and prospecting in an organized and unprofessional manner.

You know, she makes sense. Finding a way to create cashflow during the initial stages of your business without recruiting anyone is the key. It takes time to build an MLM business successful enough to generate a consistent income to sustain your standard of living.

Creating a network marketing affiliate program may have been a pipedream a few short years ago but with the internet now at our disposal, it's a reality.

Providing something of value to prospects during the initial lead generation stage and teaching your prospects the same system means income creation is not as difficult as many in this business would lead you to believe.

It's one of the 7 great lies of network marketing and the sooner you realize that running a system within a system is key to survival in the MLM business, then you're likely to keep spinning your wheels.

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