Is my man cheating, you're wondering.  Whether it's cheating husbands or cheating boyfriends the warning signs are the same.  You suspect that he's cheating on you. You have that awful feeling that he's up to no good behind your back but you just can't be certain since you've got no proof. You've tried to confront him and his denials just don't seem that convincing.
The truth is, 80% of the people involved in a medium to long-term relationship suspect that their partner is cheating. What's even worse is that 50% of these suspicions turn out to be correct.
So how do I follow up on my suspicions, you may well be asking. Is my man cheating on me, and how do I find out?  Here are 7 ways to help you:
1.  Your own lie detection test
Cheating husbands and cheating boyfriends more often than not will be telling you a stream of constant lies to cover their tracks.  According to the statistics, for every one lie you tell you need to tell at least two more to cover it up.  So you can use that to your advantage.  Sooner or later he will slip up, and you need to be on the lookout for that.
Always take note of everything your boyfriend or husband has said.  For example, if he gets home late one night, ask for the reason and make a note of it. Let a week or two pass then try innocently throwing into the conversation a question about that night and check if his answers are still the same. The important thing here is that every time you have a gut feeling that he's lying, make a mental note of everything he says. You'll be able to use that in the future.
2.  Look out for the defensive mode
Cheating partners have a tendency to be in defensive mode. If questions like, "what time will you be home?" or "who were you at lunch with?" makes him overreact, then there's a good chance that he's up to no good.  Another indication is that 'alleged' cheating husbands or cheating boyfriends will try to turn the tables so that you'll feel guilty for asking such questions. The most common retorts are "You really don't trust me do you?", or "Why do you not trust me?"
3.  There's no smoke without fire
There are times when you base your suspicions on rumours that you've heard.  Some people may tell you that you shouldn't believe in rumours because that's all they are.  But rumours have to start somewhere. So if there's a rumour flying around that your partner is cheating on you, there's a chance that it could be true.
It's not advisable of course to come to a 100% conclusion that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you basing on rumours.  But be aware of them when you're checking out your suspicions.
4. More Talkative Than Usual
Does he talk about a female, perhaps a colleague or a co-worker, more often than usual? This talk does not necessarily need to be all good.  It could also be derogatory comments about her when comparing her to you to deliberately throw you off the trail. . If this is the case, then there's a chance that he's cheating.  Talking about a certain someone all the time means that that person is always in his thoughts. This should certainly give you reasons to be suspicious.
5.  Talk to his friends
This is one of the most effective ways to know whether your man is cheating on you or not. Talk to his friends and be inquisitive. This is better done individually than to a group since it's just natural for a friend to try and lookout for his buddy.  You ask questions to one of his friends then ask the same questions to another. By doing this, you can see whether their replies are consistent or not.
6.  "I'm going on a business trip"
This may be one of the oldest cover up tricks in the book yet it's still one of the most effective even today. It's true of course that certain jobs involve travel but if all of a sudden that becomes more regular or he starts going away on business trips when he never did before you may have good grounds for raising your suspicions.
7.  Is my man cheating?  The ultimate way to find out.
Hire a private investigator.  This is the most effective way to blow the whistle on cheating husbands and cheating boyfriends.   This method involves considerable expense so you need to have goods grounds for suspicion in the first place and also you need to be prepared for the truth.
There's a big difference emotionally between suspecting that your man is cheating on you and knowing for sure that he is.  So you need to be ready for that.

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