Does it feel like your dream of having a wonderful relationship is beyond your grasp? Is the fear of having another failed relationship holding you back from even trying?

When I’m having a difficult time moving forward, it’s usually because underneath all my excuses, I’m afraid. Fear can be paralyzing... fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of taking a risk, fear of trying and not succeeding. It keeps us stuck.

Fear can be so debilitating, it can completely sabotage our dreams. If we don't take a chance and step into our fears, we'll always live with the question "What if...?"

Most of my fears are caused by my own limiting beliefs. Do I really have what it takes to create a successful relationship? Can I really attract the kind of partner I want? What if I pick the wrong person and end up getting hurt?

The problem is I’m not always aware of those limiting beliefs. But once I’m able to see my "blind spots" of where I’m keeping myself stuck, I can start to change. From then on, when I feel the fear, I know it’s just old limiting beliefs and I can work through them one by one to let them go.

If we never try, we never fail… but we also never succeed.
I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, isolated, and frustrated because of my fears holding me back.

But now, when I'm faced with a challenge, I ask myself...

What would I do if I wasn't afraid...?

Answer that question with whatever comes into your mind and see where it takes you, just let it flow.

If you get stuck, try putting your hand over your heart while you ask the question to put you back in touch with your center of emotion.

I always find something very important for me to learn behind the answer to that question... I discover where I'm stuck and afraid to face change.

Leaving fear behind frees up endless possibilities in life. Only then can we start to create a relationship and life we truly love.

You deserve to have the relationship and the life of your dreams. If fear is holding you back, know that once you take that first step and face your fear, the Universe will provide the answers for you to start moving forward to make your dreams come true.

Step out in faith. You’ll discover you have what it takes to move past all your fears, and attract the love of your life and create a life you love.

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