With all the conferences on real estate investing out there, how do you measure quality to be sure you’ll get the most for your time and money?
Answer: look closely at the panel of speakers the conference organizer is able to recruit. Larry Goins is a highly successful real estate investor whose strategies are well respected by other industry stars. So every year when Larry Goins puts on Investor Palooza (www.investorpalooza.com), well-known panelists are eager to participate.

Larry Goins is known in the industry for his techniques on the subject of “Faster Property Analysis That Gets You the Deal” that are described in his course, “The Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine.” And Larry’s latest seminar innovation, “Club Palooza,” is the talk of the real estate town because it offers teen attendees an entrée to financial literacy – a valuable education many of us wish we’d had earlier on (www.investorpalooza.com/clubpalooza.htm).

This year Investor Palooza takes place on January 18-20, 2008 at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. And here’s the most incredible part: Investor Palooza is free event. The $97 per seat reservation fee will be refunded to you after the conference. (The fee must be collected in advance to get an accurate count of how much food to order for the three days. Pre-registration is required and no walk-ins are permitted.)

Here’s a run-down of some of the most sought-after speakers on the real estate circuit you’ll meet at Investor Palooza 2008 and the secrets, strategies and systems they’ll reveal that helped them become wealthy through smart real estate investing:

Larry Goins
Larry Goins, your host for Investor Palooza, will teach an exclusive session on “How to Create an Ultimate Internet Marketing Machine! for Your Real Estate Business!” He’ll discuss how to generate more FREE motivated seller leads than you can handle without spending a single penny. He’ll also explain how to pick the best ones, buy the properties before the competition and have them sold within two hours – all without ever leaving home... guaranteed.

E. Alan Cowgill
E. Alan Cowgill is a full-time real estate investor specializing in single family and small multi-family properties in Springfield, Ohio. Since 1995, Alan has bought and sold hundreds of investment properties with funding from private lenders, not banks, and has amassed his own private $2,000,000 investment fund.

Reggie Brooks
Reggie Brooks went from making $36,000 a year at the local telephone company to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business. He began his investment career in 1986 with very little capital; with several real estate investment courses under his belt, he began by investing in rental properties in Los Angeles.

Lee Phillips
Lee R. Phillips is an attorney who will discuss how to position yourself legally so you can make more money than you have ever thought possible and how to protect the wealth you acquire from tenants, the IRS and lawsuits from myriad sources.

Than Merrill
Than Merrill, CEO of Fortune Builders, INC and CT Homes, LLC, is an expert at finding under-market-value properties. He is currently buying about 10 single- and multi-family properties a month at an average profit of over $30,000 each.

Les Eveneshen
Les Eveneshen will share the incredible story of how he triumphed over a serious form of rheumatoid arthritis with a goal to become a multimillionaire. He spent an astounding 12,000+ hours studying economics, finance and personal achievement. Today, Les is CEO of CTFP Inc., an alternative investment and educational company.

Bob Diamond
Bob Diamond is a real estate attorney and developer and the published author of three books on foreclosure investing. He has appeared on FOX, NBC and CNBC and has a real estate radio show. Bob is an expert on advanced real estate investing techniques including buying discounted liens, notes and judgments, buying out of bankruptcy, short sales, taking under and subject to, straight equity purchases, multi-units and condo conversions.

Marko Rubel
As of April 2007, Marko Rubel received 53 deeds from homeowners in foreclosure, most of which took about 30 minutes of his time. Hear him discuss his cutting-edge strategies for working the foreclosure market today.

Ted Thomas
Ted Thomas is a Florida-based publisher and author of 20 books. His home-study materials and guidebooks are international best sellers. Ted has traveled the United States interviewing hundreds of government officials, venture capitalists and real estate experts and has compiled the most comprehensive program in high yield/low risk real estate investing available.

Sean Roach
After turning a small mortgage business into a multi-million dollar company, Sean Roach realized that very few people knew how to use the Internet to create and maintain real estate wealth. He’ll discuss “The EASY Way to Create Real Estate Wealth: How to Buy on Ebay and the Internet.”

Marco Kozlowski
Marco Kozlowski specializes in making six-figure profits from houses with investments as little as $100! He’ll discuss his strategies for solving everyday problems like having way more month than money… never really getting ahead… working long hours, struggling to pay bills… paying the Visa with the MasterCard, the MasterCard with the American Express and other money issues.

Learn How to Invest Well in ALL Real Estate Markets
For more information on registering for the 2008 Investor Palooza and Club Palooza on January 18-20 at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, go to www.investorpalooza.com. Club Palooza is limited to 75 students, so be sure to enroll today.

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Larry H. Goins is not only licensed as a mortgage lender and mortgage broker in North Carolina and South Carolina, he is also licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina as a Real Estate Broker and General Contractor. He is a member of the North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals and a member of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals. Larry has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years.