If you want investment sales success you will need to develop the right associations. There are three types of associations that will be the most valuable to you: other successful people, networking affiliations, and experts to guide you where you need to go when you need to get there. You absolutely want to avoid: people with negative or defeatist attitudes, never looking outside your profession for help and guidance, and trying to fit where you don’t feel comfortable.

Success breeds investment sales success. You want to develop friendships and relationships with other successful people. Don’t just focus on other advisors who’ve obtained success. You want to develop relationships with successful people from all walks of life. When they know you, like you, and trust you they have the power to introduce you; and pave the way for you to do business with their successful friends and associates. Another advantage is that as you associate with other successful people you will begin to develop the thoughts and habits of successful people. Your thoughts and habits are the drivers that either lead you to success or keep you where you are.

Humans like to group themselves. It’s a natural thing. We like to group ourselves by the type of work we do, how we like to recreate or entertain ourselves; and by our values, beliefs, and ethics. The great thing is even though you may not have thought about it you’re already a member of many of these groups. List the groups you’re already part of everything from your professional association to your zoo membership to your efforts to help the homeless. You can put these existing networking affiliations to work for you. You may wonder how your own professional association could really benefit you. Not only do professional associations provide specific industry knowledge, but you will also meet other professionals who will refer business to you. That is if you don’t fear the competition, but look at the other members as potential opportunities to help each other expand your businesses.

You will obtain investment sales success faster and easier if you utilize the expertise around you. There are different areas of expertise that you will need along your path for success. Those who obtain success faster recognize the value of obtaining expert council. Reach out to those who can help you when you need it. You will need the help of different people at different times during your sales career. The longer you hesitate to get that help the harder you’re making things for yourself.

Investment sales success can be much easier when you form the right associations. To fully take advantage of your associations you need to understand what other people need, and you must make a commitment to helping them fulfill their needs. This puts the Law of Reciprocity to work for you because people naturally like people who are willing to help them.

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