Most new investors, and plenty of more experienced ones too, like to stick to what – and where – they know when it comes to investing their hard-earned cash in equities. This is a natural enough reaction from people who are asked to take a risk with their investments on a daily, almost, basis.

Emerging markets are markets which are in the grip of a sudden growth spurt (like, for instance, Austin, Texas) or are in receipt of government incentives which help spur growth.

The savvy real estate investor is able to understand what makes an emerging market attractive by studying the signs right from the start. He then gets in early, identifies the opportunities in multi-family real estate properties he should be investing in and makes the maximum amount of money in the shortest time possible. It really is that simple.

Within this perceived simplicity lies a world of complexity in just how do you correctly identify an emerging market, how you go about finding the right real estate investment opportunities in it for you and how you then go about taking advantage of these while minimizing the risks, as much as possible, for yourself.

As a real estate investor who started out the hard way I know from experience that some of the barriers which keep you from being successful are perceived ones. I also know that once I show you what you should be doing you will be fully equipped to simply “get out there and make money”.

While there are many real estate investment courses which purport to show you how to invest in real estate few actually tackle emerging markets in our country precisely because there is a lot of skill required to correctly identify them and then take advantage of them.

The first thing to tackle of course is your own motivation. If you are not yet ready to leave the rat race behind and embrace a future where your hard work allows you to enjoy anything you really want then maybe you are not ready to take advantage of any kind of real estate investing, never mind investing in the tough environment of an emerging market.

But if you feel that the time has come and you are ready to put in all that hard work, energy and drive in a course of action that will free you from the daily wage-slavery you find yourself in then any of my courses on the subject will be suitable for you.

In order to be successful in any kind of real estate investment in an emerging market you need to do some careful analysis, you need a lot of drive and the vision to see what few others can see clearly at that stage.

If you think you’ve got all this and are prepared to learn, then reading this article should be the first step in a journey that will take you to the rest of your life.

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David Lindahl, also known as the "Apartment King" has been successfully investing in single family homes and apartments for the last 14 years and currently owns over 7,000 units around the US. David regularly shares his secrets and experience on the same stage as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump! For two FREE copies of his highly recognized newsletter Real Estate Insights, please go to