Internet money. Since the beginning of the internet most marketers realized that internet is business and business means money. So Internet is both business and money. Today with the vast expansion of internet worldwide we have a combination of business, marketing and money in a platform without any geographical restrictions. In this money and marketing article which is the first of the money series we shall answer the question "How to make internet money" from a beginner's internet money marketer prospective.

Internet money and internet income have many forms. They could be a one time event or a recurring procedure. There are many myths about getting rich quick on the internet. Most internet marketers create a website or a unique page filled with promises, information and sometimes proof that if you buy for a small amount their service, product or software then money from the internet will start pouring in your bank account doing nothing. If you believe this then stop reading this article. Make a web search and buy the first 2-3 programs get rich doing nothing programs. If you are skeptical and not naive thinking that there is free and easy money on the web then read on.

The first step for a beginner on his or her journey to make money on the internet is to understand reality. In simple terms this means that like in real life and not digital one in order to conduct business and make profit and money or cash you need a few things :
1. A product , service business to promote and goods, stuff that people want and are willing to pay for them.
2. Reputation , reliability , efficiency.
3. Social and business networking.
4. A lot of traffic to get many customers and orders.
5. Marketing and advertising.

So in this article we will only focus on first requirement to make internet money that is a product, service, business that people want, desire and are willing to pay for it . Internet money can only be made with valuable resources. So think and make a list of all the things you like and are good at selling or promoting. If you have a hobby then think of how you can market it. Only if you focus on what you really like then you will be able to market it with success. Success in online marketing means a natural chain of web traffic, visitors or readers, customers and sales. Concentrate for start on only one thing that you like most for example cars, gadgets, electronics, and make a thorough search on how many sites there are , make a written plan, have a money and business idea and imagine how you can market it on the internet. First step is to write down your goals, expectations and market ideas about how you imagine yourself online marketing and start a web money business .

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