Over the last few decades, more and more people have discovered the potential of earning a living through internet marketing. If you are one of them, you can increase what you are earning now by applying these 5 forgotten ways:

1. Create quality website

If you are serious about making money with online marketing, you must grab a spot in the World Wide Web. Your website is your online store where your prospects can visit you and get more information about your offer. Make your website highly informative and easy to navigate to attract more visitors.

Plus, having an informative website will boost your reputation because internet users will immediately think of your website when they need certain information.

2. Article marketing

If you have been in the business for some time, you should know that a lot of successful internet marketers recommend this marketing tool. You can easily establish yourself as an expert in the field, build lots of back links and improve your page ranking.

Page ranking is highly important to your internet marketing business. You will get more visitors if you have a high page rank and that means more people are going to get your product.

3. Affiliate program

If you have no time to promote your products, you can get affiliates to do the marketing for you. Affiliates are motivated by commission and they will market your products using the most effective internet marketing tools.

So, your responsibility is to make sure that the affiliates are paid accordingly.

4. Launch informative webinars

A successful online marketing business needs customers' trust and loyalty. So, it is best that you share your expertise by launching your own webinars. You can offer valuable information to your prospects so they will feel that you know what you are talking about.

When your customers register you as an expert in the business, it is difficult for them to ignore your recommendation. Of course you are not supposed to exploit that image for your own benefit. So, it is wise to suggest products that are useful to your prospects.

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