Internet Marketing Conference? Doesn't that sound like an oxymoron? If it's an online world, why meet in person?

That's exactly it! You've got a special opportunity to distinguish yourself from all the other millions of people in cyberspace. They will not be there in person. They will not meet their favorite guru face to face. You will!

Okay. You're convinced. But how do you go about it the right way? Conferences can cost a lot of money. What do you have to do to make the investment worth your while?

It's not that hard. Just be sure to start on the right foot before you even leave. To help you with costly errors, here's a true and false quiz to help you find out if you're ready to make the most of an internet conference:

1. Online marketing is supposed to stay online. Meeting people in person is a complete waste of time and money. (T or F)

2. Online marketers are a casual bunch. Jeans and ratty old t-shirts are perfectly adequate for an internet marketing conference. (T or F)

3. I love surprises. The best part of going to conferences will be to discover who's there. Reading up beforehand would just spoil the fun. (T or F)

4. I hate crowds. So when I do have to go to a conference, I'll drag along a friend and spend the entire conference with him or her. (T or F)

5. Business cards are tacky. If I really hit it off with someone I meet, we can always exchange information on scraps of paper or the program guide. (T or F)

6. The conference hotel is way too expensive. I'm going to stay at a cheaper hotel on the outskirts of town instead. (T or F)

7. I'll schedule my flights for maximum savings. Arriving late and leaving early is the way to go. (T or F)

How did you do? Let's take a look:

1. False. Remember, it's who you know, not just what you know. You'll meet and make friends with people who might never so much as return your email otherwise. Like with so many things, the secret lies in showing up.

2. False. Sure, being able to work in your PJs is one of the perks of internet marketing and many marketers agree. But a lot of them do enjoy dressing up for special occasions, and a conference is such a special occasion. With video and cameras everywhere, they want to look as good as they can. You better do too. Dress as a professional if you want to be treated like one.

3. False. This is not the time and place to play "guess who?" If you want to make your conference a success, better find out in advance who will be there. And do your homework. Know what they do. Read some of their work. You'll get much more out of the conference that way, and you'll be much more likely to make connections.

4. False. The point of a conference is to meet new people and to make and renew contacts. Sure, you can bring a friend or your partner, but don't plan on spending a lot of time with them. Expect them to do their own networking.

5. False. Business cards are professional. Bring lots. Make sure that the contact information is current and that the links work. Nothing screams "amateur" like dead links and crossed-out email addresses and phone numbers!

6. False. Staying at the conference hotel is crucial. You'll be where the action is. If you need a break, you can take a quick nap upstairs without having to trek through half the town. You won't have to lug around bags of goodies all day but can drop them off in our room.

Instead, you can bring your own materials and products and replenish your supply whenever you run low. You've invested in airfare and the conference itself. Don't blow it by trying to save in the wrong place.

7. False. Get there at least the night before the conference. You'll be well-rested for greater effectiveness. And definitely don't leave until the morning after if at all possible.

Breakfast is a great time for follow-up meetings, and you might bump into the very people you've been trying to catch up with all weekend. Besides, lots of great networking happens before the crowds arrive and after the pressure is off.

Your score:

3 or less: Either adjust your attitude or save your money and stay home.

4-6: You're an average conference attendee. You may have some successes, but you can do a lot better. Take a few pointers from the answers you missed.

All 7 correct: You're a pro at attending conferences. And I bet you knew that! Congratulations.

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Whether you're ready to meet your favorite guru, find a JV partner, or just learn some new tricks, this upcoming internet marketing conference has it all.

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Either that, or start by meeting them "virtually" first and getting to know them before meeting them face to face.