With so many companies announcing bankruptcies, layoffs and redundancies, hard working households are really feeling the pain of the current credit crisis. As income becomes stretched and redundancy payments dwindle, people are looking for other ways to make additional income.

In the 1980's people flocked to network marketing as a method to generate an additional income stream, however in 2009 folks are turning to the Internet.
"Over the last six months I have seen the volume of searches for popular terms such as "how to make money blogging" increase rapidly." Said author Marc Liron. "People see the Internet as a credible way to make money online from home during this recession."

The average household has yet to see any real benefit from government stimulus packages and many households are struggling to pay the mortgage and personal loans each month as well as keep their heads above water.

So any extra income is a welcome addition at a time like this.

"There is plenty of room on the Internet for beginners to start an online business, no matter what their passion or niche is." said Marc "From those looking to sell their own product, to the person who wants to create a membership site and to those who just want to make a living creating and selling Web 2.0 sites... It's not that hard, with a little bit of guidance and focus."

The link to the book's website is: Credit Crunch Income

Information is also included in the book about how to quickly create information products and Blog content using PLR - Private Label Rights and free Public Domain works.

In keeping with the spirit of finding real value during the Credit Crunch, Marc is giving away the downloadable ebook version for free!

"It is my hope that others will find inspiration to start their own online business." said Marc.

The Free ebook version is available via: http://www.credit-crunch-income.com

Author's Bio: 

Marc has spent the last 3 months researching credible and ethical ways to make money online. He has also been able to draw on his practical experience and knowledge, as he has run his own online business since 2004. The result is his new book: Credit Crunch Income - 21 Ways to Make Money Online During the Recession!