The number for the universal year 2009 is two (11). In a two year the emphasis is upon treaties, cooperation and the talk of peace. In economic matters attention is toward collection and consolidation of funds and debts. Further concern grows regarding how statistics, mass information, media and large institutions influence and impact society. The idealism of humanity cries out once more for a harmonious planet, but the reality of human flaws becomes more evident in further misunderstanding and chaos.

Public image is uppermost in the two year. Nations step up the public relations campaigns and the usual behind the scenes operations by Intelligence agencies. However, the underlying flaws do not go away with sweet talking and media manipulation. It is a paradoxical time of breakthrough and breakdown in communication between nations. The breakdown is in the dual nature of man. This is a time for each individual to recognize the eternal image of the divine self within. It is then possible to release the dogma, fear, and separation created by attachment to the illusion of the temporal social image. This is not an easy task since that illusion is so firmly embedded from our earthly journey in human form.

This year will see some major treaties proposed between the power broker nations. But at the same time some long term allegiance’s from the past fall apart. China’s expansionism is evident in commerce, politics and military display. She flexes her military muscle more aggressively. Chinese and Japanese relations grow tense as old animosities and territorial disputes fester. The new European empire suffers some setbacks as Scandinavian nations resist certain policies and measures. Old feuds flame up between France, England, Spain and Germany. Some question the survival of the union. Turkey, Portugal and Belgium assert new influence and actions that gain universal attention. Russian assertiveness troubles neighbors on all sides. The political stress between North American and South American nations is further acerbated by differences in objective, and increasing intrusion by eastern nations. The rapid decline of the US remains evident.

Religious differences grow tenser, and even the traditionally quiet Buddhists react under the strain of aggressive actions of the Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews. The Catholic Church continues to maneuver in an attempt to maintain its sphere of influence in the light of new revelations of space, evolution and the influence of other planetary civilizations upon the earth’s history. Conflict grows among the religious masses while speaking of love and tolerance as taught by their teachers and Gods. Religious conflicts threaten the masses in many nations.
The previously predicted economic chaos remains unsolved. There is a general consensus that a new global economic system is needed. However, those who wish to institute such a measure are unable to realize that the biggest flaw is in human nature, not just policy. Since there are no leaders who can recognize the need to look within and solve their own issues, there will be little real improvement in distribution in the immediate future. The parasitic practice of making up money and charging interest on printed currency that has no value will be seen for its folly. Over the eons, a new way of trading value for value will emerge.

Those who manufacture and exploit chaos will gain a further grip of control over people and nations. Earth changes and weather anomalies (both man-aided and natural) continue with devastating results. Quakes may violently shake the Midwest region of the US once again. The planet is restless and in change along with all of her inhabitants. Unusual heavenly events cause both worry and awe.

The edifice complex gets a boost from engineering and commercial projects which astound and amaze, while some tumble. The reach into space gains new member nations. Mankind seeks other worlds in religion and scientific outreach. Mysticism and mathematics reach similar conclusions. Metaphysicians of age old wisdom meet in near agreement with members of the Quantum community about certain constructs of the universe. Many of the mass consciousness sense that a new paradigm is emerging in human awareness. Perhaps our own agencies will finally reveal to the public the long and ongoing interaction with extraterrestrial beings.

This is a critical time in the evolution of human consciousness. Increased numbers of humanity are going through the veils and experiencing a glimpse of the inner worlds. As other dimensions open up to awareness, populations sense a time of greater revelation and divine inspiration. There is a collective longing for integrity and a high manifestation of ethics among all citizens of the planet. Many experience visions and contacts with higher life forms and sources of wisdom. With the manifestation of greater light it becomes more difficult for those who lurk in the shadows. Those who exploit the dark side do not like to let go of their domain.

(Addendum: 1/23/2009) The events of this year will portend clues about the nature of change in 2012. If there is to be a quantum shift at that time, there will be information coming in from many sources that will more accurately anticipate the nature of the change to come. Access to other dimensions and understanding our place in time is no longer held in secret by the controlling few. A mass awakening within humanity gains such momentum that it becomes increasingly difficult for any group or dogma to contain the opening to a greater universe that is taking place.

The United States continues to undergo massive stress and strain as it desperately seeks to find identity amid the evolutionary tide that is taking place. Her imperial days of commercial monopoly through muscle and muzzle are no longer viable as other nations unite to assert control of their own regional and global matters. Pre-trained agents posing as immigrants and gangs step up domestic tension by encourage mayhem and rioting. The entire American working ethic will be placed under scrutiny and inquiry. Bankruptcy and foreclosures come to more businesses, malls, and even some cities and states.

Indicators are that it is business as usual with the new president elect Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro?). The infatuation with his emotional appeal to change, and hypnotic tongue will diminish with time. Obama’s euphemism, exaggeration and excessive idealism distract from a troubled personality which is politically and ethically compromised. Born in lies and propelled by deception, his emergence belies support unbeknownst to clueless American voters.

Time will bring greater divisiveness, anger and scandal. History will reveal a man who was more beholding to his sponsors and controllers than to the Constitution and people he was sworn to represent. Like those recently before him, he further compromises this nation and the people who gave him their trust. The nation’s deterioration and downward spiral is not reversed by this administration.

The universal year places stress upon the very fabric of society. The false image of public relations and propaganda will no longer work, and the true nature comes more to the surface. This can be a time of meltdown and descent into mayhem, or a time where the best of the population rises to the surface and a more enlightened union emerges. The appointment of old political retreads into the new administration indicates that our leaders miss the point. It is from the people that a nation is reborn. Will the crisis bring out the best of Americans? Will they respond to the truth of their core being and arise in awakened manifestation of higher light, or remain attached to fear and the imprint of social indoctrination?

There is an opportunity for this country to reemerge as a leader in the work place. That change will not come from politicians who simply rehash old formulas. It will come from a grass roots realization and organization of the good people who grasp a formula that is fitting for the consciousness of this new century. The change will relate to placing true value upon people and human production, rather than the rush for profit based upon exaggerated values and worthless paper. The realization of this economy will not take place in our time, but the seed is sown toward a collective form of exchange that is focused upon benefit to all, rather than control by the elite and exploitive.

THIS YEAR BY THE NUMBERS---2009 Copyright Lynn Buess

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Lynn Buess, MA, EdS has been active in the self-awareness movement for nearly forty years. Since the publication of The Tarot and Transformation in 1973 he has become an international speaker, practitioner and author.