Some people call this place and space perfect in a non-perfectionist way. This is your perfect path!

Let's visit the barometer metaphor: A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure. This pressure change helps weather forecasters to predict what weather conditions might be forthcoming. Barometric conditions are always changing; therefore barometric measurement is always fluctuating. A compass, on the other hand, is used to determine direction. Since our North Pole has a natural magnetic pull to it, the needle of a compass will always point in that direction. True North is constant, and therefore, a compass reading is consistent, fixed, and yes, literally, always True.

I’ve found many people allow their barometers to control the direction of their compasses. When people feel too much pressure, internal or external, they often allow pressure to steer their lives. When your barometric pressure rises (via emotions such as fear or anger), this might affect your internal focus, or your external focus (by perhaps feeling the need to people-please or be an over-achiever). Regardless, when the pressure begins to rise…

You must remember to stick to your compass and your True North!

You must do it yourself, for yourself. No one else can or will do this for you. In fact, often others may actually distract you from doing this for yourself. This is your life.

So, Who Are You Going to Bed With?

By now you’re starting to understand what marrying your self first is all about. It’s about being in integrity - knowing who you really are, what your purpose is, what your values are, where you’re going, what your vision is, and what legacy you want to leave.

This all about getting yourself whole first, so you don’t look somewhere else or to someone else to complete you or do this for you.

Have a successful marriage with yourself first, and then—and only then—will you be able to have a successful partnership with someone else and the prosperity and success you deserve. As the Shakespearean saying goes, “This above all else, to thine own self be true.” Walk in your integrity - It’s only then can you be true to someone else.

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I provide mental health counseling, marriage counseling and relationship counseling to help professionals and their families eliminate stress, maximize success and create extraordinary relationships at home, at work and in the community. As a mental health counselor, marriage counselor and relationship counselor my number one goal is to help people as painlessly a possible complete the therapeutic process. I’ve been offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. My programs are focused on empowering people to have more successful lives, businesses and relationships. You’ll always find FREE Life and Relationship Success Special Reports at . I’m also the author of Marry YourSelf First! Say "I DO" to a Life of Passion, Power, Purpose and Prosperity