As I speak all over the world I teach the process:

"What you sow, you shall reap"
It is a principle that is based upon whatever you do today will predict your future. You can't dispute the fact, it's not fiction, it's fact, that what you do today will predict your future.

I see hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs failing because they try to force feed and shorten the success process by making some moves and decisions that are not full of integrity.

One of the most deadliest seeds that you as a responsible decision maker can make is by not walking in integrity. See integrity is a challenge for many of us who own and operate businesses. And for all of you who are entrepreneurs are business people and you have to make decisions based upon integrity.

Some people may not like you because of those decisions, but you are laying the foundation of integrity. As you know, 97% of people at the age of 65 are dead or dead broke. I can tell you that they do not allow the 2-5 year process to build the foundation in order for them to reap the harvest of success. Throughout the reaping season, which is the action season, you are going to have to make decisions based upon integrity.

You have to ask yourself a very serious question, when those questions come across your desk for you to make:

Is this decision based upon long-term success-reaping integrity mindset?

If it is for the short term quick financial gain I forewarn you, you will reap something you are not going to want to deal with, but that is the process of one who shortcuts success.

Success as you know is very simple. It is Decisions + Actions = Results. Decisions you make today followed by the actions you take based upon those decisions equals, equals means predict your results.

So I want you to walk forth today and make sure that every decision you make today is based upon integrity. I don't know your heart, you know your heart, you know your decisions.

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John Di Lemme

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John Di Lemme is a Strategic Business Coach, an International Motivational Speaker and Author of the Best Seller :

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Motivating Champions Worldwide!

As a young child, John Di Lemme was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer and told that he would never speak fluently.

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