What are they? Intangibles are things that you can’t see, or touch. What do they mean to you? Are they real? Is the wind real? Is the wind tangible? Is God real to you, can you touch him? Are your thoughts real, your feelings your emotions. What about pain or your opinions? You can feel pain, you voice your opinions, yet they are intangible.

The point is many of these things are real to us. Yet we can’t see them, we can’t touch them. I know in many cases we can feel them. What about your dreams and desires, goal and aspirations? Can you feel them? We often feel very strong about our choices. Are they real? You can’t see them, but we make them everyday. I put out all of these questions to you.

We see the result of our choices daily. You can’t feel them, but you might feel the result of the choice you’ve made. When we set goals and, make objectives, the same thing applies.

Would you let somebody take your money out of your hand, or food out of your mouth? How about letting someone come into your home and take your, clothes, television, stereo, or game console? Of course not, why should you? The only way any of those things could happen would be if they had a weapon and it was a life- threatening situation.

Why do so many people allow their friends, relatives, loved ones, and people that don’t even matter (the masses) steal from them. They steal your ideas, your dreams, and your desires. They take your heart and your courage. They just let people take their INTANGIBLES (dreams, and goals) without even putting up a fight. They rape them of anything that they could have, telling them “be like me…don’t try to make a difference, come on, be status quo”. “Let’s be miserable for the rest of our lives, and convince ourselves that we are happy, because we have the same things in life - nothing”.

Why not listen to people that have what you want, want what you want, and have proven that what you want can be acquired. Stop listening to the negative people that are, happy if you do what they do. Meanwhile, they don’t have anything that you want. In fact you probably already have the things in your life that they have in theirs. There is something in you that says, you want more, there’s got to be more to life than what you’ve achieved. Go out and get it, or at least get help getting it.

“You don’t have time to be around people that don’t want anything” -C. Cary

“Misery loves company, and misery hates to lose company” - Anon

“Some people love to be the star of their own misery” -C. Cary

Author's Bio: 

Charles Cary aka Sir Charles has been writing music and poetry for years. He's published his 1st book (Poetic Xpressions) with another book in the wings. One book is about the trials and tribulations of innercity living, coming from the guttermost to the uttermost in life (If You're Not Careful...You Might Learn Something).

The second book is a book of poetry (Romance and Inspiration). With one Jazz Standard CD to his credit, he's anxious to record again. Sir Charles is a member of the National Speakers Association, a singer, a certified counselor, and an Inspirational Speaker.

If that's not enough he's available for trainings on Customer Service and Public Speaking. His performances have been as far away as Accapulco, New Mexico to the eastern seaboard (New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, DC, Maryland and Virginia. The Washingtonian, Sir Charles has been actively singing since his youth.

He started singing with contemporary and traditional gospel groups. His family has been in music for many years. Sir Charles, as he later would be known, would perform throughout the NY metropolitan area and meet artists such as, Jocelyn Brown (Somebody else Guy), Freddie Jackson (You are My Lady), and Paul Lawrence Jones (Hush Productions-Capitol Records) and Diana Ross. Through his best friend Carlton Jenkins, Sir Charles met Russell Patterson, Stuart Bascombe of Black Ivory fame. D-Train keyboardist and independent producer Fred McFarland eventually became a great encourager to Sir Charles.

Sir Charles is an inspirational speaker, trainer, singer, and an author. He currently performs at various locations in the DC, MD, and VA area.