Face it most people don't really understand insurance and they don't want to. When you make the complicated simple people will buy and they will buy from you. And there are two very good reasons for that.

First, when you make it simple you remove a lot of the risk involved in a buying decision. People don’t want to look stupid, feel foolish, waste their money on the wrong thing, spend more than they need to, or buy things that don’t get them what they want. And when they don’t really understand what you’re offering or their choices all these risks prevent them from saying yes.

Second, they will trust you. Trusting you is a big part of their buying decision. Without that trust all those perceived risks are there and magnified.

Until they have that clarity they just can’t move forward. In essence your prospect is paralyzed. Most won’t directly tell you “no” they’ll just keep putting things off. Your left hoping that if you just keep bugging them long enough you’ll eventually wear them down and turn “not now” into a “yes”.

But why put yourself and your prospect in that position? Plus when you’re able to make the complicated and confusing simple you can use that same information to attract clients as a marketing tool. So why not take the time to develop the tools to do that for yourself and your prospects?

You’re probably thinking that sounds great, but how do you actually go about doing that? Well there isn’t just one approach there are many: a report, a chart, an audio, or a video are some simple possibilities. The important thing here is as you develop a tool think about how you can repurpose that tool to serve you in several ways.

The same tools that help you to close more business will help you to attract qualified prospects. For example, you might write a report about the top 7 completely avoidable mistakes people make that lead to huge financial hardships when they reach retirement and should be enjoying life. Your report might also include charts and tables that help people to better understand and compare their options. You might send this report to the people your meeting with before the appointment and use it in your marketing with a call to action to request a copy of the report. Thus helping people to identify themselves as prime insurance sales prospects.

Because you’ll have helped your prospects to understand something that was confusing to them before and they will rust you, and guess what happens? They tell other people about you, and they will willingly give you a list of other people to send your report to. Now when you contact those people you have given then useful information first, you have made a value added connection with them, and you already know they are interested in this topic.

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