Are you tired of hearing "no" and "not now" when the answer should be "yes"? Accept responsibility and start getting "yes". There are three reasons you’re being told “no” and “not now” when the answer should be “yes”.

The first reason is you fail to prepare. It isn’t like you don’t know the possible objections you’ll hear. Make a list of every question, concern, or objection the prospect could possibly throw at you.

Now, ask yourself why your prospect would have that objection. Doesn’t it mean that you didn’t ask the right questions so you could help the prospect discover the answer to those objections for themselves? So what questions do you need to ask to help the prospect to uncover the information they need to know when they need to know it.

What can you think of that could go wrong during the appointment? List everything you can think of and how you will respond so you can obtain insurance sales success by keeping the prospects interest and attention. This is especially true if the appointment has to be cut short and rescheduled.

The second reason is that you think you have to respond to an objection. Never respond to an objection. Instead have your prospect actually write all their objections down in the form of their perceived risk in making a buying decision. And don’t say one word in response to any of their objections until they have listed everything they can think of.

A prospect will almost never tell you their real objection first. Sometimes you won’t get to the real objection until they’ve told you ten or more things. Keep asking them what else concerns them about making a buying decision until they tell you they can’t think of anything else.

Now get them to write the rewards they perceive from making a buying decision on the other side of the paper. Here is where you can ask their permission to clarify anything they didn’t understand or expand on something. As they do this, if what you have to offer is right for them, they’ll begin to realize the rewards far out way their risks.

The third reason you get objections is because you don’t know how to create urgency. You don’t want to create urgency through high pressure manipulation tactics. But you do want the prospect to realize the real consequences that can result from inaction.

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