You don’t set appointments for the right reason. The only reason to set an appointment with a prospect is to explore how you can do business together. Yet, many of you are setting appointments for any reason you can think of because you think if you can at least get them to meet with you at some point you’ll be able to get them to do business with you. If that’s your thought process realize this is a guaranteed way to keep you really busy with little or any production to show for all that work.

Get the attention of the right people for the right reason. To achieve this objective develop an attention getting and qualifying marketing message that you consistently communicate in all situations. If you’re involved in a tips group they should be able to repeat this message for you, and clearly know who they’re looking for to refer to you and why. Once you have the attention of the right people for the right reason increase their interest by having stories you can share with them for how you helped someone like them avoid something they want to avoid.

The right message going to the right people gets them to raise their hand. That’s exactly what you want, but also realize that even the people who raise their hand will be in different stages of the buying thought process. Disqualify anyone who isn’t a prospect, and filter the prospects so you’re only meeting with the ones who are looking to take action now.

Only book and hold appointments with qualified prospects. A qualified prospect has a need that you can fulfill, they can make a yes decision, they have the money to do business with you, and they want to take action to fulfill this need now. These are ready buyers searching for the right solution. At that point all you have to do is help them to discover how you can provide them with the ultimate result they want. Consequently your production numbers go through the roof, because if you can’t sell to these people you are in the wrong business.

What about those people who just aren’t ready to buy now? You certainly don’t want to lose track of or not keep the people who are prospects in your sales funnel. They just aren’t ready to meet with you yet, and you don’t want to push them to meet with your when they aren’t ready because that damages your relationship. For these folks have a preplanned advance that effectively and efficiently moves them through the sales process.

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