The second reason you can’t sell is because you don’t understand why your prospects don’t want what you have. You have exactly what they need it’s as plain as day yet they just don’t get it. How can that be? Are they just stupid or lazy or what? None of the above, you are approaching things the wrong way.

Your prospects don’t want what you have because you haven’t taken the time to learn about them and their wants. It’s that simple. If you want to be a sales super star do your homework before you ever approach anyone. You need to identify very specific groups of people, these groups are called your target market, and you need to know them and their wants and needs. People buy to fulfill their wants before their needs so place your main focus on learning what they want.

How do you find these specific groups of people? Start with your existing affiliations. Unless you’re a hermit you already belong to groups of people. People naturally group themselves based on the type of work they do, how they like to recreate, and how they want to support their values and beliefs. So, what groups do you already belong to or what groups could you belong to because they are part of what you like to do or believe in naturally. When you belong you’re one of them, you know their language, you know what they care about, and you can learn what they want.

Figure out how to match what you have to what they want. Let’s use an example to demonstrate how understanding your target market’s wants will increase your sales. Let’s say you absolutely love golf. You play golf absolutely every minute you can. You attend tournaments. You belong to a club and participate in club activities. People associate you with golf, and they may not even know what you do to earn a living. Now let’s say you know that most of the people that also play golf and that you see on a regular basis really want to retire to a golf community. These folks already know you it’s your job to move them from that phase to knowing something about you. So when the opportunity arises as someone asks what you do you might respond that you’re the person who helps people have the financial wherewithal to retire in a golf community. Can you see how that might get their attention? How they might ask you how you do that? Isn’t that exactly what you want, attention?

Your confusion about why your prospects don’t want what you have stems from you having a product or service and trying to find someone to sell it to. That, my friend, is the wrong approach. That is an approach that will lead to lots of hard work, extreme frustration, and very little reward to show for your efforts. Change your thinking and start getting the return on your investment you deserve. Know what your market wants and then give them exactly what they want the exact way they want it. It works like magic.

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