I can’t count the number of offers I get from desperate insurance agents offering a free insurance review. What’s the objective of these offers? To get an appointment and then beat the other guys price, right? What on earth are you thinking? Do you really want to deal with price shoppers? If you ever want insurance sales success you want to avoid price shoppers like the unwanted plague they are.

You can’t build a successful insurance business on a foundation of price shoppers. Price shoppers are the most disloyal, time consuming, low value group of clients you could ever hope to have. It doesn’t take very many price buyers in your business before you don’t have time to go out and sell because they suck up all your time. Price shoppers also have a bad habit of not paying their premiums, so you get to chase them down trying to get them to pay their bills. They drive off any good customers you might have with all their complaining. In all likelihood you’ve invested a ton of energy into these people, and they won’t buy from you ever again, and they’ll drop you as soon as your competition can undercut you. It just doesn’t even make sense to position your business in a way that attracts price shoppers.

Yes, good people like to save money and you can help them to do that without attracting price shoppers. When you offer a free insurance review your working counter to good marketing principles. That offer comes from the position of having a product and trying to find someone to sell it to. People don’t like to buy products, but they love to buy results. Get yourself out of the product sales business and into the business of helping people to get the results you know they want because they’ve told you they want them.

Insurance sales success comes from helping people to get what they want the way they want it. When you do that you provide value. When you provide value you are in a position to attract value shoppers. Value shoppers are critical to your long term insurance sales success. Value shoppers are very loyal. They take up very little time so you can build a large practice, and they are good about providing you with qualified prospects further enabling you to build a successful business. They are pretty much the opposite of everything I’ve said about price shoppers.

Start right to end right. It just doesn’t make good sense to try to start your business by positioning yourself for price shoppers. Make the effort now to position yourself to attract value shoppers so you can enjoy greater insurance sales success.

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