You don’t need to get in front of more people, in general, you need to get in front of the right people. Meeting with anyone who has a heart beat is not the path to insurance sales success. Meeting with the wrong people is tiring, frustrating, and non-productive. Meeting with the right people is energizing, rewarding, and very productive.

Do your research before you identify the people you want to meet with. Common sense in any business dictates that you have to find a hungry market in order to have success. Why would insurance sales success be any different? Even though you think everyone has a need for what you have to offer, your experience demonstrates that your appointments don’t agree. That’s because you don’t know enough about the people you’re meeting with.

Insurance sales success is challenging for you because you don’t have a message match appropriate for your potential prospects. All of the people you meet with want to feel important, understood, and appreciated. When you can demonstrate that you understand them, and their needs they feel like you are one of them. It’s easier for them to trust and like you. That means it’s easier for you to put them at ease, and for them to share the important information you need to help them.

Depending on how you are connecting with people now, it may not be the right time. The less you know about the people you are contacting the more likely it will be that when you reach out to them, it won’t be the right time. You can either accept that it isn’t the right time for them and move on keeping them on your contact list, or you can proactively educate them so the right time comes sooner.

You can dramatically increase your insurance sales success when you practice giving before receiving. When you give first and build a relationship before you ask it greatly improves your success when you do ask. You give by educating. As you’re educating you are helping them to move closer to the right time, and building a relationship that helps them to know and trust you.

Insurance sales success doesn’t have to be so hard. Use the information in this article to set yourself apart from everyone else, and reap the long-term rewards. You don’t want to just get in front of more people, you want to get in front of more of the right people, and it’s your job to make that happen.

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