Insurance sales success is a real challenge that few can achieve. Why is it so hard, and how can you make it easier for you? Insurance sales success is so hard because you’re asking people to make decisions to avoid a pain that might not happen, and they don’t want to think about, and that they think won’t happen to them. Sitting down with you is like a failing student being called to the principles office to discuss what they’re going to have to do to pass. Does that sound fun? No and neither is sitting down with you to talk about buying insurance. When you’re asking someone to buy insurance you’re asking them to take away from today’s pleasure to prevent a pain that may never occur. One way to make this process a little easier is to focus on the relationship first.

Insurance sales success demands that you make long-term sales. Long-term sales happen when your clients keep their policies. When you don’t have a solid relationship with your clients they are very likely to jump ship as soon as someone with a lower rate comes along. They won’t think to ask if the coverage is the same or better they’ll just look at the rate and make their decision based on rate alone, unless you have a strong relationship. When you have a strong relationship that develops as a result of their trust in you because they accurately believe that you have their best interests in mind, they will come to you to ask about this lower rate with absolute confidence that you will give them the best advice for their needs. Without that solid relationship they cancel the policy without ever saying one word to you.

Strong insurance sales success comes from seeking to develop relationships before asking for the appointment. Their are lots of insurance agents and now you even have online competition so nearly everyone you meet either already has an agent or they don’t think they need what you have. It’s very hard and very damaging to relationships to push for appointments that people aren’t ready to have with you. Relationship driven sales are earned through: active participation in mutual memberships and associations, existing relationships, or lead generation marketing that gets those who have a need to reach out to you. In all cases you will get the appointment because these people know enough about you and what you do to want to know more about how you could specifically help them.

Referrals are essential for long-term insurance sales success. If you want to last in the industry you want to build a referral oriented business. A referral oriented business will earn more sales with less effort than a business that isn’t a referral oriented business. A referral oriented business does not result from twisting peoples arms to cough up a referral. A referral oriented business is earned from being referable by: exceeding the client’s expectations, education, and maintenance.

If you want insurance sales success build your business right from the start. You don’t have an existing client base, but you do have existing relationships. If you develop your existing relationships, educate the people who really want to help you on how to help you, take really good care of the clients you get, and maintain your relationships you will have insurance sales success. These personal actions are what separate you from the rest. It’s what makes you noteworthy and referable, and it’s what will get you repeatable success.

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