Referability is a key element for long-term insurance sales success. You know you need referrals, but you don’t like asking because it puts you in a beggar position; and you don’t like imposing on your friends, family, and associates always wanting them to refer you. You can get referrals without having to directly ask people in a face-to-face setting.

Insurance sales success is all about the relationships you are able to build. Build a network of people who know who you are and what you do. The best way to do this is to focus on the groups you are already a member of finding ways to serve the other members of the group.

Relationships are developed incrementally. Once people know who you are the next step that will eventually lead to insurance sales success is to build a network of people who like and trust you. These are the people who will be open to learning more about what you do and how you could help them.

You earn referrals. You can’t have long-term insurance sales success unless the people you work with believe you provide more value for them than anyone else. When you’ve finally gotten this far in the relationship you want to make sure you maintain that relationship and continue to build on it. That doesn’t happen through annual contact. Develop a system to manage your relationships. Keep in front of your clients on a monthly basis through some type of personal communication that isn’t always about you, but at certain times reminds them of the kind of people you like to work with and would love to be referred to.

Referability is earned through value and constant contact. The most success people understand that once you’ve earned a new customer and they find more value working with you than they can get from your competition you’ve got to stay in front of them or they will forget you, quickly. Develop a simple system to provide a personal communication to them once a month. This system will enable you to obtain the referrals you want without having to pressure people into referring you.

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