If you aren’t moving forward you’re moving backward. You want to grow and that means you need to attract more prospects. You’re scared to limit yourself to a specific group of people, or you simply don’t know how to narrow the field. One way to ensure your rapid growth is to develop a specific area of expertise. What product(s) are you passionate about? What products do you believe in so much you wouldn’t even consider living without them?

As the most important sale you ever make is the first sale to yourself this product(s) is a good place to start to narrow your focus. What is the outcome(s) that product produces for you and your clients? Make a list of those outcomes that you and your clients have gotten. Don’t just focus on financial outcomes list emotional outcomes too.

There were specific reasons you and your clients have found so much value as a result of that product(s). When that product is right for someone what are they looking for? What do they want? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking about or talking about the product. List those outcomes financial and/or emotional.

Grab another sheet of paper and make a second list. This time list the similarities among the people who want those outcomes. What do they read, listen to, where do they go, what’s important to them? Why did they agree to meet with you for a sales conversation?

Those existing clients may have come to you because of existing relationships or referrals, but if you really want to grow you want to have complete strangers that are a good match for you and your product(s) reach out to you. What can you give those people that would get them to want to know more about getting the outcome they want? When can you put that together? How will you let them know about it? When will you start reaching out to them? How will you follow-up with them once you’ve made that initial connection?

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