Setbacks are your opportunity to make powerful comebacks. Throughout your working years as a service business owner you will experience adversity from both internal and external forces. If you lack persistence and determination you will crumble and lose it all.

With persistence and determination, and belief in yourself you will overcome all adversities and succeed. It’s now who you know or what you know it’s your determination and persistence that will guarantee your success. Base your persistence and determination on continual forward progress toward right action rather than consistently and determinedly continuing to take actions you’ve already proven to yourself don’t work for you.

Every setback/adversity holds a tremendous opportunity. At the time of the experience it doesn’t feel like an exciting opportunity, however, the experience helps you to learn and discover what you didn’t know. And isn’t it true that when you know what you didn’t know all of a sudden things get tremendously easy?

All of the great lessons you have to learn come from your ability to overcome and conquer adversity. Even though you may feel defeated and down trodden at this particular moment make a commitment to yourself, your products and your services to turn this setback into a triumph. To turn those sales struggles into sales successes you need to look at things, experience things with a new set of eyes and ears.

Sometimes you have a epiphany where you instantly see things differently like getting hit with a bolt of lightning. More often than not this discovery is more gradual and sometimes it takes a set of outside eyes and ears to see what you can’t see and to hear what you can’t hear, and to try what you’d never think to try. During times of setbacks you think you can’t invest in yourself. Yet if you don’t invest in yourself during those times you won’t get the opportunity to experience the triumph that can be yours.

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