You thought the fastest way to grow your business would be to buy a coaching program from a top insurance producer. You bought the entire marketing package, but you sure aren't getting the results the super producer did and you can't figure out how that can be. Well, sparky it isn’t working because you’re screwing it up and you don’t even know you’re doing it.

Let’s start by looking at the lead generation sales letters you got. When the top producers mails their letters they get a good response, and you’re getting less than a one percent response. There are several ways you may be screwing things up before the letters even leave your desk.

First, the best sales letter in the industry won’t work if you mail it to the wrong people. Your list is the first thing you need to consider. Those letters weren’t written to be sent to everyone in a certain zip code. A good sales letter is written for a very specific target market.

That means if you want to be lazy and mail it to whomever you’ll get the poor results you’re getting now. But if you’re willing to do what the super producer did and develop your own proprietary mailing list of prospects that are an exact match for whom the sales letter was written, you’ll have the potential to get the results the super producer gets.

So you’ve got a killer letter and you’re sending it to the right people all systems are go, right? Nope, you have to get your letter opened to be read because a letter that never gets read has zero potential for a response rate. Did you stick that letter in your fancy logo envelop? If you did your letter went directly into the garbage unopened. And you thought it was going to be instant soup easy.

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