Are you trying to attract clients the same way everyone else is trying to attract clients? Are you using traditional marketing and wondering why it isn't working? Traditional marketing and also run marketing just aren’t worth your time and efforts because there is very little likelihood of either approach producing the results you want.

If you’re running the same branding advertisements and offering the same boring seminar as all the other agents, no one has any reason to contact you or take you up on your offer. The most effective approaches to marketing a service business are those that have an educational component, and aren’t about you. Your potential prospects aren’t interested in you until they have a reason to be interested in you, and they won’t have a reason to be interested in you until you have something they want.

There are several things you can do to improve your marketing so you start generating leads for qualified prospects. Start by realizing that you’re neither marketing nor selling a product. You’re marketing a service that helps people to get something that’s deeply emotional to them.

You won’t understand what that is unless you really know your market. And you won’t really know your market until you select a very specific market with specific needs, and then research that market. If you don’t or won’t do that you’re just guessing what they want, and over 90% of the time you’ll guess wrong.

Instead of copying the competition look to other industries. The most effective marketing ideas and techniques have evolved from someone recognizing how they could take an idea from another industry and use it in their business. The great part about this technique is that you already know the marketing works because someone else has already done the testing for you.

You know your market has a need, now you need to figure out how you can creatively fill that need. When you can do that you become important to your market. And when you back your words up with your actions they’ll be excited about you, and tell others about you.

At that point you have both your marketing, and the marketing your customers are doing for you working in your favor. It becomes easy for you to get referrals because your customers naturally want to share what you’re doing for them with others. And because they’re sharing, the people they tell about you have a high propensity to do business with you.

The bonus to this goes beyond having a continuous stream of qualified prospects. An agent that can effectively market themselves will do well in an up economy, a down economy, a recession, and a depression. Why, because people will buy insurance, and they will be more likely to buy from you because they recognize you as the go to agent.

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