You may think an offer is only for someone who has something tangible to sell. But you’d be wrong and the fact that you don’t have a valuable offer means you’re missing the boat. You’re marketing like everyone else in your industry and absolutely throwing your time, energy, and resources away just like they are. How about if you stop doing that and start developing some valuable offers so you actually generate leads? How about if the leads you start generating are with people who actually want to know more about how you can help them?

There are different forms of marketing or marketing media and you want to be prepared for all forms. Let’s start with the people you meet face-to-face. You network everywhere you go. Never limit yourself to thinking networking is only something you do in a formal networking setting. As you’re meeting people who would be ideal clients for you have an offer that enables them to connect with you. Because you’re offering valuable information that they want to know they’ll take advantage of it. This could be a report or white paper, an upcoming seminar, or perhaps a book or booklet. Offer to email it to them, mail it to them, or even to bring it to them if need be. As you do that your making a connection, giving them something they want, and starting a relationship.

The biggest problem is always the people you don’t know. The ones that are complete strangers to you right now. Sometimes you’ll want to send something in the mail to these people. You really need a valuable offer for these people. Again offer them something that will answer questions you know they have or educates them about something they may be unaware of. To get the information they want your offer gives them what they want if they will just email you, fax you something, mail a return card, call an 800 number, or visit your website.

So you want to go big time and make a big splash. Radio and/or TV allows you to reach out to a very large number of people for a significant financial investment. If you’re going to play in this arena make sure you have a powerful message and a powerful offer or keep you money in your wallet. Resist the tendency to be everything to everyone and develop a very specific message that hits the viewer or listener right between the eyes and gets them to take immediate action. Speaking of viewers and listeners make sure that the demographics are an exact match for your message.

Never forget your most important marketing helpers.

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