You can ignore it and hope it will go away. But Pay-Go isn’t going away, and it could have a devastating impact on your business. With $29 billion dollars at stake the favorable tax treatments of the past are just too tempting a pot of gold. So; you can watch what happened, wonder what happened, or you can make things happen. It only makes sense to me that you better make things happen for you and your business by developing a strategy to reduce the impact Pay-Go will have on your business.

You may have done your market research before, but you need to do it anew looking for a need that doesn’t rely on preferential tax treatment. Your research will help you to identify what your market is hungry for. You have to know at least three things that they are currently thinking about and want to do something about.

Don’t take the same old stance. Now that you know what they’re thinking and talking about develop a new way to position what you have to offer in terms of what’s on their minds. Your position can’t be based on a favorable tax treatment. In fact, as long as Pay-Go leaves things alone this is just an added bonus.

Don’t look like or sound like just another insurance person. Communicate your message to the right people in a way that makes you unique. Part of your uniqueness comes from the fact that you are one of the few who really did their research, so you understand what they’re talking about. Follow that up by demonstrating your ability to take care of that issue through the way you communicate your marketing message.

Take the focus off tax advantages, and place it where you want it to be. When you get the appointment focus your sales on your ability to fulfill the needs of your market through your unique position. Tax advantages should be nothing more than a by the way because you’ve found what they really want and are willing to pay to get.

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