It’s up to you to be the leader for your business whether you’re a solo professional or have a number of staff. The whole point of leadership is achieving results either through others or yourself. Polish your leadership skills and start getting better results.

Only the leader can establish the vision for your business. Develop a big picture view of what you want from your business for you, your staff, and your customers. The big picture provides clarity for what you’re trying to accomplish and what attaining that accomplishment would mean. From this long-term view you can focus on what needs to happen in the short term to take you closer to what you want.

You rarely, if ever, achieve what you want alone. Break your short term plans down into specific and measurable goals for yourself. If you have staff work with them helping them to establish individual goals that, if met, will take the organization to fulfillment of your shorter term objectives. If you’re working alone you may need to establish goals for what you need to get from a sales manager, meetings, seminars, etc. so you can grow and develop into the leader you want to become.

When everyone is working toward the same result, and you can check things off as accomplished it is very inspiring and energizing. Part of the reason this works so well is because your goals are always in alignment with your longer-term objectives. The ability to see and make progress inspires and energizes you, and your staff to continue to take action. No matter what you want it always requires action.

Unless you’re perfectly on track for what you want now there are always changes that need to be made in your actions. Make short-term changes in today’s actions to get long-term results. These actions are your behaviors. Your behaviors driven by your actions get the results that provide what you want.

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