You forget sales boils down to people liking you because you’re real. The first step in the sales process is gaining an introduction and establishing rapport. When you try killer sales lines and gimmicks you spoil your chance to establish rapport. You’re perceived as a fake and untrustworthy. That means your prospect will be very guarded with you and will never let you know what’s really on their mind. They will suspect an ulterior motive behind everything you do and say. But it never has to be that way if you just allow them to see the real you.

You got into sales because you like people and you like meeting people. You probably make friends easily and you don’t mind meeting new people. You make friends easily because you’re genuine and warm to the people you meet. So, don’t change those behaviors because you’re in a selling situation. Be friendly first so you have a chance for the rest to follow and lead to sales.

Friends listen to you and try to understand your point of view. You don’t have to agree with your prospects point of view, but you do need to understand their point of view. You need to understand what’s important about this purchasing decision to them and why. The more you understand and the more information you gather from your prospect the greater the odds that you’ll both reach the same selling decision. And the more they like you and feel you understand them the more trust they will have in what you’re telling them.

You have to be committed to doing your best each and every day to increase your sales success. Your commitment to being the best requires that you pay very close attention to the details involved in the sales process. There are learning opportunities in each detail and the top professionals are always alert for ways to make small improvements that lead to significant results. This attention to detail must focus on both what you’re doing and saying and what the prospect is doing and saying.

Your insurance sales success will improve when you’re willing to do more than you’re paid to do. If you only do what you’re paid to do you’ll only meet expectations. If you only meet expectations you’ll never exceed expectations. If you never exceed expectations you’ll never have exceptional results. Allow the real exceptional you to guide you to increased insurance sales success.

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