You don’t work on being the best. If you want to be the best you have to have a plan for being the best and work your plan. The more you invest in yourself and what it takes to be the best the better you’ll become. The better you become the easier sales become because you understand yourself and others.

It takes a commitment to continuous learning to be the best. Develop your area of expertise and know more than the competition about how you can use that knowledge to better serve your customers and prospects. Gain knowledge: outside your area of expertise related to the wants of your prospects, to improve your sales skills, to become a better business person, and anything else you can think of that will make you a more valuable person to yourself and your customers.

You become more valuable to your customers and prospects when you provide more value than just your service. You have to work to become more valuable than anyone else. You do that by knowing more about your customer’s needs and wants than just those related to your service. You do that by helping them to connect to other people who can help them. You do that by earning their trust and becoming a trusted advisor and resource.

Listening is a skill you need to develop to be the best. You can’t learn if you’re doing all the talking. You can’t observe when you’re focused on talking. Become a better listener than anyone else and notice the immediate positive impact on yoursales. You’re listening for understanding because through understanding you’ll find the treasure you seek.

To be the best you need to be more understanding than the competition. Through understanding you’re better able to give your customer’s what they want. Through understanding you know how to position yourself and communicate your value. Through understanding you’re able to make better connections that lead to more business. Develop a plan for how you will become the best and take immediate action to improve in the areas that will put you ahead of the rest of the pack.

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