You’re trying to succeed by being someone else? In your training you were probably given or mandated to follow a sales system. The problem is you don’t feel comfortable doing a lot of the things you’re required to do as part of the system. Because you don’t feel comfortable doing them you get poor results and because you get poor results you begin to hate doing them and the more you hate doing them the worse things get. It’s just one big vicious circle. You feel like a dog chasing its tail, angry and frustrated.

You haven’t had the same experiences and you don’t have the same background as anyone else. Your strengths, talents, and attitudes are unique to you. If you had two children one who seemed to have a natural talent and interest in science and the other seemed to excel at writing would you tell both children that the only way they could exceed and the only way that would be acceptable for them to succeed is if they both followed a rigid step-by-step process and that they couldn’t vary from the process that you provided for them? As you can imagine each child would respond very differently to your process and neither child would ever reach their full potential because they would always be limited by the process you provided. Your process would limit each and keep them from being themselves and finding ways to use their special talents to achieve a higher level of success than your process could provide.

Don’t allow yourself to be stifled and frustrated by the systems you’ve been shown. Start by identifying the specific parts you want to change and adapt to better fit your personality and strengths. There isn’t one right way to do most things, but there are ways that are more right for you. If you feel uncomfortable doing certain things you feel that way for a reason. Your inner voice is saying this isn’t right or it isn’t right for you, which is it? Don’t sacrifice your personal integrity to follow someone else’s system. Do develop a system that maintains your personal integrity your dignity and the dignity of your clients.

Don’t allow your mind to fix on one solution. Use your creativity and imagination to find ways to accomplish the sales you want in a way that builds on the things you love doing. When you love doing something and believe in it your passion and integrity shine loud and clear.

That passion and integrity build credibility. Your passion and integrity makes you more attractive to potential clients. As a result of your uniqueness and passion that comes from being uniquely you in your approach you increase your sales and enjoy the process.

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