Since the article on "Becoming Lucky" came out, several people have emailed me asking "But, how do I become lucky NOW, how do I get instant results?"

You get instant results by getting into a state of consciousness of oneness - where there is no differentiation between yourself and what you desire to experience. In that state of consciousness there are no obstacles, there is no friction between conflicting ideas, and consequently there is no time lag. In that state of consciousness you perceive the world as your Self, realizing that the subject (you) and the object (whatever you are perceiving or desiring), your inner and outer worlds are all one and the same.

To practice this, as you move around in the world of form, you maintain your awareness on the unity which exists beyond all physical appearances. You may look at the computer and still have an awareness that from the perspective of quantum physics it is ultimately made out of subatomic particles, out of pure energy, or if you like spiritual terminology, that it is made out of spiritual substance - out of the same spiritual substance that everything is created. You can think of it as the Light.

Many years ago I had some problem with digestion for several months. Nothing I ate seemed to agree with my stomach. I tried different ways of preparing food and some natural remedies, but none of it helped. One day I was fed up with suffering so I put a plate with food in front of me and took few minutes to contemplate the fact that on a subatomic level the food on the plate and my stomach are made out of the same substance and that therefore they must be harmonious. I perceived the food on a plate and my stomach as being made out of divine Light and then I ate the food with this state of consciousness and the stomach problem disappeared. It was instantly gone as I got into what I like to call "the right state of mind".

If you take some time each day to contemplate your oneness with everything, you will begin to accustom yourself to this state of consciousness and to impress it upon your subconscious mind - thus dissolving inner obstacles and conflicting ideas. In turn whatever crosses your mind will begin to manifest faster and faster and many times you will have an experience where one moment you think of something and the next moment you experience it in your outer world, because you are eliminating differentiation between the two, and you are consequently eliminating the time lag.

You introduce a time lag in the realization of your goals when you have conflicting ideas. Conflicting ideas create friction. You introduce a time lag in the realization of your goals when you start mentally comparing ideas and experiences - instead of just fully focusing on the present moment.

The ideal state of mind for practicing self-hypnosis is as if you were conducting an experiment. You don't know what is going to happen because even if you had hundred or thousand hypnosis sessions before, each one is unique, so you allow whatever is happening to happen. You are fully present in what you are doing and you are fully focused on your mind-experiment. You are in an open state of mind, filled with childlike curiosity. You are enjoying the experience and you are surrendering to the experience. You can analyze your experience as much as you like before or after the session, but NOT during the session. During the session you allow yourself to surrender totally and completely to a state of consciousness in which anything is possible, you are like a child in a wonderland, and whatever is happening is fantastic.

Many times people begin their explorations of self-hypnosis with this open state of mind, with childlike curiosity and have experiences that are more amazing then anything they could've imagined. When people participate in playing games of chance with this state of mind, they experience "beginner's luck". Note that the beginner's state of mind is totally open, like an empty glass waiting to be filled.

What makes this luck and wonderful experiences evaporate is that once a person has some experience or knowledge, he is now full of preconceived ideas and as he drags them into new experiences, he is like a full glass that doesn't have any space left to receive more. It becomes more challenging for the person to put all that he has experienced, all that he has read, all that he knows aside and to experience the freshness of each new moment, of each new experience, to experience fully the magic of whatever is present right now.

What makes hypnosis work is this one-pointed focus on the present experience, where you are so totally immersed in your subjective experience - in whatever is going on right now, in whatever you are creating right now with your thoughts and emotions - that nothing else exists in your awareness. It doesn't matter what you do with your body - whether your body is still or you are moving around, but your mind is so totally absorbed in your subjective experience to the point that you begin to experience yourself as the realized outcome of your session - as your goal manifested right now.

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