Sometimes inspiration hits us when we least expect it. It happened much the same way for me, what seems like a life time ago. Despite the fact that I’ve made a career of being a professional organizer, I make no secret of the fact that I was not always an organized person. In fact, throughout my childhood and into my early adulthood, my life was a very different picture than that of today.

I’ve often shared a story of a time early in my marriage when my husband and I had perfected what I call the “stash and stow” technique. You know the one. You find out company’s coming over in less than thirty minutes and you make a mad dash to pick up and throw things into closets and various other places in order to make your home more presentable. Well, it was during one of these episodes that I discovered an ingenious hiding place for dirty dishes…the oven. Sure! That would be a great place, nice and safe. After all, what kind of guest would open my oven for inspection?

The unforeseeable drawback to stowing things in an oven is that sometimes you forget that you’ve put them there. Fast forward a few days later when I go to preheat the oven for dinner. You can imagine my shock when I open the oven door expecting to slide in a pizza and instead meet up with a melting, oozing conglomeration of plastic handled pots and indiscernible cooking utensils. Let me tell you, plastic ware is not rated for 350 degrees!

From that day on, I knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I can’t say that this moment was an all out turning point for me, but it was one of several impetuses that led me down the path of better organization that I continue to follow today. Sometimes inspiration comes from divine intervention. Other times it’s just plain trial and error. Occasionally we don’t even recognize inspiration when it’s staring us right in the face.

The creation of an organized space is first begun by finding our inspiration. For me, it was a desire to lead a more simplified life, one that was less stressful and more relaxed. I wanted to create a place where I was not embarrassed to entertain the occasional unexpected guest, where people would feel welcomed and at ease. Once you have determined your own goals and motivation, you can more easily focus your efforts in obtaining a more organized life.

As a former disorganized person, I know that it is possible to get from point A to point B, no matter how far apart the two may seem. Inspiration is the means that will get you there. Take just one step today toward becoming better organized. Clean out the junk drawer. Tackle a closet. Donate some unused items. Whatever you can do to take that first step gets you farther than you were yesterday and closer to your goal of a more organized space and life.

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Christine Rice, professional organizer and author of her newest book, A Life Less Cluttered: Expert Secrets to Your Own Organizing Epiphany, works with the “organizationally challenged” to help them become better organized through learning and developing the traits and characteristics common to organized people. Discover organizational enlightenment today at