Life is a matter of focus. What you focus on grows, whether you like it or not. I say whether you like it or not intentionally, because sometimes we focus on things we don’t want, and guess what we get even more of? You got it, yuck. I re-learned this first hand again this morning.

I was talking with a friend who was telling me about her day. When she was a young girl, her grandfather used to take her out and have her hand out $100 bills to 10 strangers. Then they would talk about the impact on her and the recipients. He wanted to teach her about charity, giving and receiving. He also wanted her to know that she had a bigger purpose here on this planet and inspire her to be a success so she would always have the ability to give to others. So, my friend went to the bank and got 10 crisp $100 bills and was heading out to hand them out to random people this morning. At the very moment that she was sharing this story with me I got an email from my bank that I’d overdrawn my business account by $1000.00. I haven’t ever bounced a check before! I had such a mixed batch of emotions flood through my body. I was partly envious of her position of being able to hand out the cash, part was fear for when my cash flow was going to begin, part was fear of lack. None of them were good feelings. I was also disappointed with myself that I could take such generous giving by my friend and turn it into a negative. Now I was disappointed in myself in additional to being fearful. Not a good combination and definitely not what I wanted in my life. Our call ended quickly because I was scheduled for an interview with one of our Inspirational Luminaries. I went to the call not feeling like me. But fortunately that ended very soon.

The interview was incredible for several reasons. The person kept talking about wonderful experiences that she’s had in which she was so focused on the positive. After the third example of this I pointed out to her that in each of the stories she discussed, her focus made all of the difference. Interestingly, she didn’t see it at first. She complimented me on being astute in picking up on that, when I felt like it was so obvious. I think the lesson was there for me and for no one else. What was I focusing on in that very moment? What had I focused on for the last half hour and was it bringing me joy?

We talked more and she shared her philosophy about focusing on love and coming from a place of love, rather than fear, which is a principal that I live my life by… unless I get stuck in the scary place and forget this. This morning, I was in that dark, stuck place, just because of a silly email from my bank.

Instead of focusing on lack and frustration I had to change the focus and I started with gratitude for the things in my life that are truly amazing. And you know what? With the tiny exception of temporary finances, EVERYTHING in my life is perfect! My relationship with my husband, my children and extended family, close friendships, living my dream in the mountains of Colorado, healthy parents and family, personal health and fitness, an adorable puppy, the alertness of my mind and the depth of my spirit, fulfilling creative endeavors- knowing that we are making a difference on the planet, and on and on… life seriously rocks!

And then I realized we all have things to be profoundly grateful for. My friend who was handing out money has incredible abundance financially, but she’s looking to create an incredible relationship. I have that amazing marriage but not the extra cash. Not right now. It’s all a trade off and we’re all learning in different ways. Would I trade my relationship for millions? Never. For I know that the abundance financially is already there, even if I can’t yet see it. We all have our paths and we all get to learn our lessons in different ways, and in that alone, there is beauty.

And peace. Peace in knowing that everything will turn out fine. I wondered if in our conversations I’ve said anything that hit my friend the same way as her $1000 story hit me this morning. I think sometimes we impact each other without ever realizing it. She won’t know the impact she had until I share it.

I’m going to call my friend back today. To thank her for the generous light she is and to apologize. My being stuck in a fearful place diminished my sharing her joy at the beautiful gesture of her giving today. I want to applaud and acknowledge her gift to the world. For I know that the more we give the more we receive. When we hold onto things we build a dam in the flow of life. She’s inspired me today to give, even when it seems I don’t have anything extra to give. But surely there is one that needs even more than I and I’ll find them today I’ll give, freely and joyfully, knowing that to withhold is to withhold the blessings and the bounty of the Universe.

I’m now going to enjoy my day knowing without a doubt that I am being held in the light and guided by a force much bigger than I am. I’ll share abundance, joy and smiles. Ill make a difference in someone’s day, as my friend and this special Inspirational Luminary have made in mine. I will pass it on, with gratitude and hope that it will just keep on bouncing around the Universe touching as many lives as possible.

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