Would you like to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper without using medicines or herbs? Read this article to learn one easy way to do it that really gets results.

One of the most promising natural remedies for insomnia turns out to be one of the simplest and most enjoyable. It's called music therapy and is being shown to help people overcome sleepless nights.

A recent study by Gail C Mornhinweg, PhD found that music can help you sleep better and deeper. In the study, she followed a group of adults with insomnia for 6 months. No one in the group was taking sleep medications or trying other insomnia therapies at the time. All they did differently was listen to relaxing music before bed.

On the nights when they listened to relaxing music before going to bed, all participants in the study except one reported falling asleep faster and sleeping longer than normal. Interestingly, most also reported that sleeplessness returned on the nights that they did not listen to music.

Here's how you can use music to overcome insomnia - like the people in Mornhinweg's study.

Step One - choose music that is relaxing - the study I cited above used Baroque and New Age music.

Step Two- adjust the volume to a comfortable level and relax.

Step Three - listen to the music either sitting or lying in bed, but don't worry about trying to fall asleep. Just focus on the sound of the music and let it relax you.

Step Four - after about 30 minutes go ahead and turn of the music, turn out the lights and go to bed.

That's all there is to this insomnia solution.

It may be simple, but it's worth a try. The good news is, of course, that music therapy for insomnia does not involve taking medicines or drugs that leave you feeling sluggish the next day.

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