Change is often difficult particularly if your sleep routine and habits are long-standing. You may have extreme difficulty falling asleep or you may be plagued by wake-ups that can happen repeatedly during the night. If this pattern is not complicated by other physiological problems (like Restless Leg Syndrome), then you likely have garden-variety insomnia. Yet there is nothing ‘garden variety’ about it when you are the one experiencing this plague. At least it seems like a plague. You are simply not able to get to sleep within a reasonable amount of time, or that you wake up repeatedly to stay awake during the middle of your night. This of course, wreaks havoc with your sense of well-being and energy level the next day. With sleep coaching, personal support and guidance, with a personalized sleep coach, will facilitate your ability to change, making the process easier and more attainable.

Don’t you feel that sometimes you’d just like to discuss your sleep challenges with someone who has had first-hand experience and similar problems to those you are facing? You will know you have someone on your side –someone who really understands what you are facing.

You are unique and special in your own ways. When you choose to invest your time and money in a Sleep Coaching program that suits your specific situation, make sure you look for an interactive program, where the coach will take the time to talk with you privately and personally to understand your current nightly challenges and daily routine. Your guide will coach you to develop skills and implement techniques that can offer ever-lasting, positive changes to improve your sleep and that will open up new energy vistas during your day. With specialized guidance and your cooperative participation and involvement, your sleep patterns can improve dramatically…and be long lasting.

These are the type of elements that you should derive from a good sleep coaching program:
· Learn sound techniques to create new sleep routines and habits
· Look forward to the bliss of bedtime
· Create a personalized Sleep Events Record
· Learn components of long-lasting change
· Learn how to focus on your attitude and spirit
· Accept guidance in techniques to reduce stress levels
· Receive knowledge, tools and techniques, encouragement and feedback
· Receive personalized monitoring of your progress and change
· Receive guidance and direction to facilitate your personal change
· Receive guidance on holistic, natural and beneficial suggestions and recommendations that you can implement to enhance your sleep.

Just imagine the pleasure of waking up to the energy of excellence – your positive energy derived from a tranquil, serene night’s sleep.

An effective, one-on-one, interactive sleep coaching program can be done over the phone, by email, or in-person or a combination of all three – whichever suits your needs and lifestyle.

It also makes sense to work with a coach who has experienced similar problems that you are currently facing – someone who truly understands what you are going through.

Your specific situation should be initially evaluated, defined and refined, to offer you a strategy for optimal solutions for your sleep improvement. When you sleep better, you simply feel better. After all, life is all about feeling good!

Author's Bio: 

Author and Sleep Coach, Glenda Sparling, who experienced 23+ years of insomnia, can definitely help you address and overcome the challenges you face around sleep issues and insomnia. Glenda has authored the e-book, The Spirit of Sleep, which offers effective natural tools, techniques and behaviors for eliminating sleep anxiety and insomnia. Read the book’s Introduction.