(Begin Insight Card)
The struggle is not about lack of commitment from those around you, but rather about your commitment to your own life. The level of commitment you see in others mirrors your own level of commitment to yourself.
Commit to that which is in line with your life purpose, your life’s work. Some of your commitments are nothing more than wishful thinking. Everything you are committed to having, you already have.

At times, when I look around I see a lack of commitment in other people. From where I stand, it appears people are not committed to their lives. People talk incessantly about what is right and wrong with the way they do their lives, I see a lack of action. I fail to see what I call, “being committed to [his or her] life”. People set goals, but there is no commitment to seeing those goals realized. It seems more like, “Please God now that I have said what I want, could you, like, deliver it soon?” I am increasingly frustrated with people who are not committed to being who they say they want to be.

These people are a mirror for me, a reflection of myself not committing to my own life, my own life purpose. Yes, I have my life purpose in front of me, but in truth I was saying, “OK God, you and I both know my life purpose, now just make this easy for me and I will do my thing (life purpose).”
I only attract what I commit to. When the last statement made was, “Everything you are committed to having, you already have,” I asked myself, is this all I am committed to? Surely, I can commit to more. Surely, I can do more and be more committed to my life purpose than this.
The commitment (or lack of) I see in others, is not about them, but about me.

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Phil Walmsley is the creator of the popular online 101 Insight Cards.