About a month ago, I had big breakthrough around our inner spiritual intelligence or our innate wisdom. I was having a week where I was finding myself frustrated and impatient, which was unusual for me because these feelings are not my norm. I learned a deeper sense of patience from my journey with cancer. Lots of waiting in doctor’s offices! As far as frustration—this is a feeling that I felt I left behind in the acting days (a hundred years ago!). The feelings didn’t go away and I started to worry about them and tried to figure out where they were coming from. This made it worse!

I couldn’t seem to shake these feelings. I was getting impatient and frustrated about being impatient and frustrated! I remembered something one of my teachers said to me about our attempts to manage our moods. In fact, I myself have written about this! But I had never applied it quite like I did this time.

I decided that I was going to try something new! I was going to just stop trying to figure out why I was feeling so impatient and frustrated. I was going to stop worrying about them. And just have faith that my inner wisdom will know exactly what to do with them. A few days went by and I was talking to someone who was being a little difficult and noticed that I was being very patient and understanding. I was blown away! My natural good feeling had come back on its own. In that “good feeling” are the components of patience and understanding.

I saw in a deeper way that we all have a spiritual intelligence inside us that knows exactly how to manage us. We were all born with this wisdom. How many times do we have to hear—“Go inside, go inside!” How do we go inside? By having “faith” that your inner wisdom knows exactly how to get you out of that low mood. If you give it a chance! Try it, brothers and sisters! It can’t hurt! Come for a Sedona retreat or Sedona vortex experience and lets find that insight!

There is some a part of you that know this spiritual intelligence is inside you. I bet you have experienced it much more than you realize. Just for one week, let it manage your low moods and low thoughts. Don't give them any energy or focus, just be aware and move on with your day. Trust your wisdom to know how to let go of them.

Another word for wisdom or spiritual intelligence is God. Even if there are moments that our faith in God or some Creator weakens, I truly believe that deep down we want to have faith. Because something inside us knows that's the key--Faith.

Sometimes friends will ask me if I think its a good idea to write these stories about my own "stuff". I think it's important to show I make mistakes, I get into low moods too--to simply show my humanness. As Syd Banks says, "Life is a contact sport!" You just can't get around that! But it's how you move through the contact is where you have a choice--gracefully or kicking and screaming!

Lets go gracefully, brother and sisters

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Drambour is the author of The Woodstock Bridge the well-acclaimed book about Native American Spirituality. He is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys, a spiritual retreat center in Sedona, Az. He writes two columns: Sedona Vortex Stories and Sedona Retreat Stories.