Spiritual Peacemaker
What does it mean to be a spiritual peacemaker?
In a discussion about what it means to be a peace minister and how profoundly it affects your life, I was thinking about a friend of mine who was so funny to me when she wrote an email a while back about peace being too boring because it is without the necessary conflict to keep life interesting. She has not really tried this inner peace work yet has she? Or she would know that this is one enormous wall to face, moving past our own feelings of safety.

When you commit to inner peace, you have to face a layer of fear that you maintain for your protection. You have to travel beneath that fear, being totally vulnerable and believing that the universe is not out to get you. This journey past fear is about the survival defenses we have for this layer of reality.

Beneath this illusionary worldly layer is the immense layer of peace underlying it all that we create away from with our thoughts and actions. But to regain our hold on peace we have to pierce our defensive layer and go underneath our fear. You have all felt that fear in this world and sometimes you do not even notice it because you are accustomed to living with fear.

It is very hard to trust a universe (especially for formerly abused children) that seems to allow bad things to happen but the peaceful universe is not creating those events. Human thoughts and actions create in this world, which is the point. We could be blaming the wrong guy.

If peace is underlying, if love is underlying it all, then the layer above that one is the creator of all this chaos illusion of the world right? Peacemaking is about individually quitting the creation of personal chaos and staying in tune with the real layer of reality that is truth and peace. We will eliminate our own creations of chaos and then our peace will spread to others. The culmination of many maintaining this reality, the focus on peace and love would be world peace.

A Spiritual Peacemaker is someone devoted to staying focused on the realm of love, being a receptacle for the expression of the divine on this dimension and by so doing, lifting the world to that same realm by his or her staying present with peace.

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