Have you ever wondered what set those successful holistic health providers with thriving practices apart from those who are struggling to build a practice? Learn their secrets…

Becoming successful in any field or endeavor does not happen by luck. Hard work and determination might be where some people would begin. However, there are several key inner factors that will set you firmly on your road to a successful and satisfying career when practiced. Many massage therapists, Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioners, Reflexologists, Holistic nurses, acupuncturists and energy therapists are great at giving wonderful services; however, many are lacking in business savvy. This then impacts their ability to support themselves in doing what they love – helping others to heal.

Statistics show that 4 out of 5 small businesses fail within the first 2 years of operation. When you look at someone with a successful small business, his or her secrets are not always on the surface. Success factors cannot always be seen because the winning combination starts within. So now let’s look at the inner dynamics that create success.

What is your vision?

The first key to having a successful holistic health practice is to have a clear vision of what you want to create. A business without a vision is like a ship sailing without a compass. Get quiet and begin visualizing what you want your practice to be. Start with where you will have your practice (location, what it looks like, how it accommodates your practice). Visualize the amount of clients you want as well as the type of clients that you would like to see -- the type of clients that are ready to be or already out of the victim mood and really want to be healed. See your clients returning for more of your services. See them leaving their session satisfied with the work and referring others to you. If you are a teacher, hold the vision of your classroom being filled with the amount of students that you are comfortable with teaching. Visualize the type of students that you want in your classroom – ready to learn, open to new experiences, know when it is their time to share, and enthusiastic to name a few. Allow time for this important process that will be the foundation of your practice. Meditate on your vision and watch it expand.

Write your vision down in detail capturing all the things that you saw and all that spirit added to it while you were in this quiet space. You might even want to share this vision with a friend and have them write down your ideas capturing the words that you use to describe your vision. After being with your vision for a few days, encapsulate the main points into a vision declaration statement that is about two or three sentences long and place a copy of it in your date/timer. Your vision is not set in concrete. Your vision is not set in stone; you can always modify or expand your vision.

The next step is to list the goals of what tasks need to be accomplished to make this vision happen. List about 5 to 10 goals. Prioritize the goals and make a strategy or plan of how you will address them. This is where the hard work, determination and staying focused on your vision comes into play. If you read your goals and they do not support what needs to be done to create your vision, it is time to modify your vision or your goals. When you are self employed your time and attention can be taken in many directions. Your goals are to keep you focused on success, keeping you from being side tracked. Carry a copy of your vision with you, so if you get off course you can align your focus with your vision and goals. Revisit your vision declaration and goals monthly. A Harvard study showed that only 3% of the population writes down their goals. This same 3% controls 97% of the world’s wealth. Anyone can set goals; so get started.

What does your inner motivator say to you?

The success of your business is also determined by your inner motivator. What language does your inner motivator speak? Does your inner motivator talk in positive and realistic terms about life, about business and about your success? Does your inner motivator speak positively about others in the field? The inner voice that motivates you to success is your main supporter and cheerleader. Consciously take time and listen to the messages your inner motivator is sending. Successful people are self-motivated and see the glass filled to top with plenty for everyone in the field. If you are speaking negatively, turn your attitude around to become your biggest supporter or pick another direction in life.

Are you listening to your intuition?

Another key to success is your intuition. Make sure you take time daily to sit in silence, empty your head, and just listen for ideas or insights. Intuition plays a very important role in creating and maintaining a successful business. Women are naturally intuitive. Socialization taught us to downplay our intuitive strengths. In Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich,” written in the 1960s, he dedicated a whole chapter to Intuition. Hill spent 20 years studying the habits of the highly successful businessmen of his time such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. What he found is that these men trusted their intuition and listened to the intuition of the people that they trusted. You are tapped in. Spend time outside the noise and receive some fresh insight to the issues that you might be trying to resolve.

These are just a few of the key inner factors to creating a supportive team from within you to manifest success and satisfaction in your quest for achieving your career goals.

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Dawn Fleming, is a Holistic Health Educator, Consultant/Mentor and author of Creating a Successful Holistic Health Practice, which has been expanded into a Home Study course for CEUs . She has worked in the field of holistic health for over 19 years and has been a teaching since 1992. She has also produced a CD Meditations for Success. Learn more about her courses at www.energytransformations.org/workshops.html and sign up for her free newsletter and receive an ebook Shared Wisdom.