Printing industry these days is going through path breaking changes that will decide the quality of print and service in long run. Many aspects are important for people concerned with printing sector needs to be aware of.

Stiff Competition for Small Players
Many big companies have established well in the digital printing segment. This is resulting in small players in marketplace left with harsh competition to face. Big players in digital segment are Minolta, Tektronix and QMS etc. Many smaller companies unable to cope with demand-supply pressures will lag behind in race.

Prices to Decline
Owing to the fierce competition for consolidating in the market place prices have been pushed down to lure the customers. Some companies are exploring alternative markets by offering free of cost printers.

Decentralized System
From this year onwards a shift in favor of decentralized printing system is predicted. Many companies are showing interest in expanding business on the decentralized system platform, to cope with the prospective demand generated.

New Sophisticated Printing Machines
The advent of newer full-bleed B size machines is going to add more efficiency and versatility to the printing process. Graphical art segment will benefit from these machines and its demand will increase considerably. With this type of machine much of the efforts involved in trimming the side margins of paper after printing are saved.

Performance Enhancement
The working performance of devices in printing segment is getting better. Various aspects have undergone positive change like speed of operation, color calibration, power control as well as printing costs. Better customer satisfaction is ensured in this way.

Tandem, Models Coming in Vogue
In coming future the trend of tandem model printing machines is expected by experts. These machines can perform four color adjustments at a time. Single drum model falling in 1000 dollar budget is also coming in demand very soon.

Inkjets Gaining Importance over the Laser
Experts predict hard days for the laser printers to remain in demand in light of prevalent trends in direction of paperless society. If the predictions made by experts are to be believed laser printers will become a thing of past in coming future. In home based and small business paper-less form of fund transfer and information exchange is performed. Despite the advantageous points like noiseless functioning and more speed, laser printers are lagging behind the inkjet printers in preference. Inkjets have many plus points over the laser like versatility, small size and less cost of printouts. Al these features are turning the wave in favor of inkjets.

Three Dimensional Printing
Very shortly the option of three dimensional printing will be a reality to see. With this technique one can replicate the image of 3D object on the paper. A company is reportedly providing this facility. It works on the principle of layer superimposition. The materials used for the printing purpose in this case are polymers and sugar cells. The capacity of the printing machines to print in three dimensions is going to be an advantage for designing and print of objects used in scientific research and development.

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