In a World Gone Nuts! Fear-Mongers Caught in the Backlash!

Good Lessons in Observation
Strangeness is a state of life. You are strange to everyone around you because you are not them they are not you. You are individual with individual thoughts. You may think about things the same way, but there will be differences. Observation can be a great teacher.

Let’s look back about 10-20 years ago. Think of how the relationships between countries were. Where the stresses were. Even though you may not have thought you were really happy back then, you may find that you were allot happier than you are right now. What stresses have changed? What realities are you buying into? Has the evening NEWS replaced the Disney Channel? Is the media dictating the way you feel in life? Are the politicians out of control?

The Fear Mongers Arrive
There has been an emergence take place – the FEAR-MONGERS have arrived! And they are strong! Because they spin their tales of Fear and Woe to the masses. Mob Psychology is the way that our societies are moved today. Mob psychology relies that the masses are more powerful than the individual. That any individual opposing the mob will simply be ‘run over’. That joining the mob is much easier than defying it.

Who are the Fear Mongers, and what are they doing? Sometimes it’s easier to tell who the enemy is by following the path of destruction left in their wake. Let’s take a moment to reverse engineer from what is happening today to the past. Today we are experiencing a Global Economic Crisis. Why? Everybody was doing what they were supposed to be doing. The banks were doing their job, the corporations were doing there job, the workers were doing their job,… or so it appeared.

The Fear Mongers Mistake
The banks have been experiencing a tension not felt before so their reaction to it was wrong. They didn’t understand the simple dynamics of ‘FEAR’. Fear, once it takes hold, causes paralysis of the mind. When you experience this paralysis of the mind, it translates into everything you do. You believe you are still doing all the things you have always done, but it’s an illusion. Your personal system starts breaking down – Depression sets in.

Mob Mentality Rules – Like a Well-oiled Machine
Take this and multiply it by the mob mentality. If the mob has been persuaded to be full of fear, the mob freezes up, the mob is paralyzed, but the mob still believes that everything is just as it always is. But that is the mobs illusion. Because the mob is holding that illusion in place that everything is just fine, the controllers of the mob look over the mob and say to themselves that, sure there are some problems, but the mob is fine. The mob’s illusion is passed onto the controllers.

Cataclysmic Failure of the Machine
Then finally, the straw that breaks the camels back. The whole system collapses because it has never happened this way before. But, the controllers are in charge of directing the mob. How could they let that happen? The banks were caught completely off guard, not because they didn’t know, it’s because the bank needed a completely different solution. The further down the track the banks went, the deeper into the abyss they went. Some of the biggest have toppled like a house of cards.

And again, the cry goes out – But the controllers were in charge of the masses. How could they let this happen?

The Next step is to recognize what mechanism has been used to move or control the masses lately. Mostly FEAR. But Fear Paralyzes. Don’t the controllers know that? From the Fear Mongering Controllers point of view, it was working perfectly, because the mob had become so placid and easy to control!

Fear Mongers Take the Mob for Granted
The mentality of the masses had become a ‘what do you want me to do, boss?’ attitude, and fearful of saying anything that might get them in trouble with the controllers. Independent thinking is the elusive element in the masses that keeps the mob from derailing itself. It tends to be a self-righting feature. But when people are mentally paralyzed by fear to the point that they are always asking direction and having a ‘save us from ourselves – Oh Powerful One!’ attitude, that’s when the system is doomed to fail.

The Fear Mongers – Who are they?
So what embodies the Oh So Powerful Fear Mongering Controllers? By now it should be obvious – Government, Banks, the Oil Industry, and of course, the Media. The Media is there because they are the liaison between the other 3 and the public, and BAD News Sells! And Really Bad News Sells even better! The Oil industry played their part only recently, but the Governments and the banks have been doing it as a matter of ongoing business.

“I’ll Save You Better…”
When politicians draw people to them with the banner that they will save you from the things you fear, take a step back and think twice. Unfortunately, as a major election looms, the war cry is, “I’ll save you better than the other guy!” How ironic!

Fear, as a Tool, Bites the Hand That Feeds it!
The true irony of this story is that by Fear Mongers controlling people by inducing fear, eventually the Fear becomes paralysis to the point that the Fear Mongers have completely defeated the purpose they set out to accomplish. Their short-sightedness has cost them dearly. Now as they continue to promulgate more Fear, the mob will eventually turn on them. (There are undercurrents and rumors already that this is happening.)

What can I do?
Now, what do YOU plan to do about it? There are many things you CAN do. But there is definitely something that you, and everyone else, Should Do (in my opinion) – Learn Mental Photography! Learn how to ZOX! How can you contemplate being able to think for yourself when you have nothing but ‘Junk’ information to start with? Mental Photography gives you the ability to cover allot of ground FAST!

Whether you think you have bought into ‘how things are’ or deny it, it doesn’t matter. Because the actions of the masses are overriding good intelligent decision making. You will still be affected by others. On a personal level, YOU could be forming your strategies for YOUR future. Are you going to let everyone else dictate YOUR future? Use this time wisely, and you will be much better for it! Get clear REAL information that you can use to base your decisions on.

Dealing with Vile Poisonous Critters in Your Life
In Part 1, I discussed how you can use Mental Photography to diminish fear when dealing with poisonous critters. Well there other vile poisonous critters out there, but these critters affect your wealth, your convenience, your freedoms, and many other things. You can either be ‘in the know’ with your level of clear information to guide you, or you are a ‘mushroom’ – you will be in the dark, and fed Sh*t.

Learn to use your brain, strengthen your mind, and gain your cognitive abilities you were born with. It is your Devine inheritance. Mental Photography (ZOX) is the key to accessing these for yourself.

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Shannon Panzo is the Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students/clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography--your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

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