Your clients and potential clients want you to serve them and their best interests. You have the power to determine your sales success by exceeding the expectations of your potential clients and existing clients. As a service professional your clients want you to act on their behalf and in their interests as a trusted business advisor like their accountant or attorney would.

The term client by its very definition means that you have the best interests and needs of the client as your reason for serving them. You can be a trusted business advisor, and when you are you’ll position yourself as a top producer. Instead of continually fighting against an adversarial position where the client always doubts your recommendations they’ll take your recommendations as their best option until you prove otherwise.

The only thing keeping you from this coveted position in the clients perception is you. To gain their trust and unwavering business you must first earn it by: completely understanding their wants and needs, helping them to select the best options from a narrowed field, acting as their advisor putting their interests first, and moving the bulk of the responsibility away from them and onto you to achieve their goals.

Clients don’t want to be treated like a number. You’re asking them to allow you to act on their behalf. The only way you can possibly do that well is to know the client well and work with them. That means your clients must mean much more to you than the sale.

So what does the client want from you? They want someone they can trust to delegate weighty responsibilities to, and the confidence that they can trust you to do the right thing for them in all circumstances. They want to feel they’re important to you and that their business is important to you, and they want you to demonstrate their importance through the personal attention and availability. They want you to be a true sales professional that they can count on. You can do these things and when you do you’ll set yourself apart and earn the business of the people you want to work with.

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